Chapter 61

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Step by step, he watched her.

Her pale skin. Bright blue eyes. Hair darker than his soul.

The sun painted the sky a deep shame of red as it began to set in the horizon. The moon had already rose, caressing the land with its pale light; but it was nothing comparing to her light.

The moment she was in his sight, Zayn’s whole world lit up.

To him, she was the sun, the moon and the stars combined.

For a whole week, he had been living without his light, stumbling through each day in the darkness, blinded by the aftershock of her brightness.

Her sinfully red dress fell to her ankles. It breezed in the wind, dancing with the rush of air. It wasn’t fancy, or figure hugging, it was a simple dress. It did not reveal as much flesh as he would have liked, but still, to him, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

The week away from him, from the Royal Palace had done Evelyn good. Zayn noticed the soft flushes of red against her pale skin, and her complexion had noticeably brightened.

He felt his fangs growing once she reached the bottom of the little hill, where he stood at the top. Her delicious scent laced the air. To him, her scent was magnificent, hypnotising and completely… he think of a word extravagant enough to describe it. But like every other part of her, it captured his like honey to a bee.

He was hers.

For millenniums, he lived his life without a single weakness. Without anyone to answer to, and without anyone to love… but ever since the night of his birthday, when she first entered his life, everything had changed. She had become his, and his world would never again be the same.

The colours dimmed and his senses weakened when she left. Without her, his life seemed empty and joyless… He feared for the day he would lose her.

As much as he tried to convince himself that one day, she would be his to hold, to love and to ravish, he couldn’t bring himself to believe in it. As much as he wanted to deny it and ignore it, he knew that one day, she would slip through his fingertips. She would not be his forever.

Happiness wasn’t a reality for him.

To have an angel like her love a monster like him was impossible. It was a dream that would never come true, and it killed him to acknowledge that.

One day, he would have to let her go, he would have to give the angel her wings back and let her fly away like she wanted…

One day. Zayn thought to himself. One day. That day doesn’t have to be today, and it doesn’t have to be tomorrow, doesn’t have to be next week, next month or next year… Just one day. A day far from today. A day that would be too soon for him, no matter how far away it was.

“You look beautiful,” he remarked as she walked up to him.

The guard who had escorted her to him and the one who was there with Zayn before she arrived backed away slowly. But not too far so they could still obey to their King’s beck and call.

“As do you,” she replied, her voice soft. It was not a lie either.

Zayn did look good in his fitted black suit and dark silk shirt. He looked deviously handsome. He may be a tyrant and a complete monster, but Evelyn could never deny how beautiful this devil was.

“I prepared us a picnic.” He gestured towards the blanket that was placed upon the luscious green grass and the basket of food he had ordered the chiefs to prepare for them. “Would you like to join me?”

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