Fairytale Twist - The Fowl Girl

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Fairytale Twist - The Fowl Girl

There once was a girl, a poor orphan child. She kept the fowl of her village safe and fed. Her clothes were tattered and she was ragged, soiled and thin.

The birds were her family and she she loved them dearly. They adored her, for she was a princess to the chickens, geese and turkeys. Though she had all she needed, she couldn't help but wish for more.

The birds saw her yearning, and told her one day, “We've collected sparkling things in our nests. Trade them in the market, for your happiness is our wish.”

So she traded the treasures for all she desired, becoming a lovely polished jewel of a girl. Her beauty caught the eye of a merchant who wished her for his own. Courted with fine things, she forgot her dear feathered friends.

The merchant's affections waned, for she was but a passing fancy.

And so the girl returned home to find the nests empty, not a bird to be seen. Night and day she searched throughout the land for the only family she'd ever known. For the first time, she was truly alone; left behind by her feathered friends, as she had done to them.

* * *

Based on the Zuni "Turkey Girl" folktale, written for the Grand Prix Duo Drabble round at Challenge Corner.  

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