O2 - "Its Not That Bad.."

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[Trigger warning!! Self harm!]
Bridget— mommy
Lynx — little girl

"Babygirl, mommy is home!" Bridget walked into the small apartment she and her little princess shared. She sighed heavily, being quite exhausted. She frowned when she didn't get an immediate response. "That's odd. She must be sleeping.."

Bridget took advantage of this time and used it to clean up a bit. Whenever she left Lynx alone, the place was always a mess. She tidied up the kitchen and living room before tugging off the apron she wore to wait tables. She definitely was struggling to make ends meet, but she did it for her princess. That's why in addition to the waitress job she was also an uber and birthday princess, dressing up as the many disney princesses for little kid parties.

Having cleaned up, Bridget felt it was time she go wake up her princess. She probably should let her sleep, but she missed her and wanted to spoil her a bit. Nothing relieves stress like coming home to a beautiful, adoring babygirl. "Lynx, baby. Mommy misses you wake uppp.." She called as she walked down the hallway to her room. She pushed the door open to find that her princess wasn't there. She figured maybe she took advantage of her freedom and snuck into mommy's bed. Bridget tiptoed to her room and push the door open.

"What are you doing in my b—" Bridget huffed. She wasn't there either. She then chuckled. "Ohhh, you're hiding from mommy. Well, if it's hide and sneak you want, I'm gonna get ya!" Bridget called out enthusiastically. She began running all over the place, checking the cabinets—her favorite hiding spots— and still to no avail. She felt dumb when she realized she hadn't checked the bathroom.

Smirking, she tiptoed up to the door. She counted down from three before pushing the door open. "I got y—LYNX, NO!" Bridget screamed out in horror, running towards her bleeding princess. Lynx's wrists were sliced, at least five times on each and blood was running down them and onto her thighs. Lynx looked at her mommy with a certain nonchalantness that frightened her.

"Oh no baby. Why? Why would you do this..?" Bridget, tore her work shirt off of herself—she was gonna have to pay for another— and tore it in two. She wrapped and tied the two around her wrists tightly, stopping the bleeding. She pulled Lynx close, rocking her as she herself cried. "Lynx, what's wrong? Tell mommy what's wrong? You don't wanna be here anymore?" Bridget was now a mess, horrified and terrified.

Lynx sniffled, looking up at her mommy, her eyes now a bit wet. She hated seeing her mommy like this. It scared her. Her mommy was her protector and if she was crying, who would protect them both? "Mommy, I sowwy.. It not that bad..."

Bridget's eyes widened. "Not that bad? Sweetie, you could have died! There's no telling what could have happened! You could've cut too deep, Lynx!" She was now angry and it was evident. She noticed Lynx become fearful and she quickly softened. "I'm sorry, babygirl. I don't mean to yell. I just... Lynx, I don't know what I would've done if I came home too late.. Babygirl, tell me why you did it.. Mommy's here for you."

Rubbing her eyes, Lynx sniffled. "I just—I nu like myself mommy.. I nu pretty, I nu smart.. I nu wook wike a wittle.. I tink mommy deserve better wittle den me.. It make me sad so me cut..."

Bridget, taking it all in, shook her head. She couldn't believe anything she was hearing. Lynx had never showed any signs of having severe insecurities before. It was alarming. "Lynx, you listen to me. You are beautiful. I don't know where you've gotten this from but they're wrong. Baby girl, I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and not like what you see. To hate it even. I know how it feels to compare yourself to others and find that you don't look like that. And I speak from experience when I say, what you see in that mirror, that you hate so much, is distorted."

Bridget pushed hair out of Lynx's face, studying her a while. "You know, I love everything about you. I love how your nose scrunched up and your eyes nearly close when you smile. I love that little snort you make when you laugh. You know, the one you hate. I love that cute little dimple in your chin and those chubby little cheeks." Bridget paused to pinch her cheeks, chuckling. "I love your pretty breasts, I know you know I love those. I love your tummy.." Bridget wrapped her arms around her, rubbing her tummy comfortingly. "The tummy you hate so much and try from hide me. I love it baby, I really do. And god, I love your thick thighs. I know you hate them because you like thigh highs, and it's hard. But doesn't mommy always find ones that fit? I love you long legs as well. The ones that make you so tall. Are you insecure about being taller than me dear?"

Lynx nodded. "Y-Yes, I don't feel little..."

"Listen, Lynx. The term 'little' has nothing to do with your physical form and you know that, baby. You are my little girl. Do you hear me? And there's nothing that you can do to your body that will change that." Bridget sighed heavily. "Baby, this may sound selfish, but this hurts me too. I feel like I'm not doing a very good job of making you feel like the gorgeous little princess you are. Mommy feels like she's failed you. I'm so sorry, baby girl."

Turning around, Lynx looked into her mommy's eyes, seeing that it was now her turn to be uplifting. She knew how much her mommy loved hr and felt bad for making her even think she was a bad mommy. "Mommy, it's not you. You're the best mommy ever and when i'm with you, I feel like the prettiest girl in the world. It's when i'm alone, with my thoughts, that I get these feelings. I look in that mirror and I see nothing. Just nothing."

"You want to know what I see when I look at you? Hm?"

Lynx sniffled, nodding. Bridget sniffled as well, grabbing her chin. "I see my beautiful, intelligent, good little girl. I see my bestfriend, my wife, my world." Bridget cupped her cheek, kissing her lips softly. "Babygirl, I know it will take some time, but we will rebuild your self-image. We will do it together. I'm here for you. I love you so much. Don't you ever scare me like that again.."

Lynx kissed back, closing her eyes. She kept them closed as she nodded, resting her head on her mother's shoulder. "I love you too, mommy. Thank you.."

"Come on, let's get you showered and bandaged, my pretty girl.."

Sorry this took so long, i've been healing and also been quite busy. It may not be very good either. I'm a bit rusty, but others coming soon!

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