Chapter Forty One.

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We all pace nervously outside of the cave entrance while we wait for the bus to show up. There's an edge on the air. We are all a little more than nervous. This could easily be a cruel trick.

Mom seems sure where she stands off to the side, continuously adjusting the skirt of her red sundress like she hasn't seen Daddy in years and she's nervous. She may be sure, but after what I'd just seen, I just can't wrap my head around it.

Twelve of them, incapacitated, against a herd of Casters. It would have taken one hell of a miracle to save even just one of them. I guess I'm praying for the miracle though. I try not to let my doubts show for Mom as the sound of gravel crunches in the distance.

Could it really be true though? My family coming back from the dead?

None of us have been able to sleep since Dad called. I haven't even entertained the idea despite how physically and mentally exhausted I am. I can't fall asleep and risk this miracle all being a part of a dream.

Fallon takes my hand at my side and raises her brows over her big hopeful eyes. "Almost here." She tells me.

I hold my breath.

Six seconds changed everything only a few hours ago. Can six more seconds put back together all of the pieces of my heart and life that were shattered before? Can it be so easy?

The bus pulls up into view and before it's even come to a complete stop the door is swinging open and my Dad appears, my heart spasming in fits after having believed I'd never lay my eyes on the man who molded me again.

Mom, who so rarely uses her abilities, flashes across the space and crashes into his arms. They both cry and hold onto each other, muttering I love you's between kisses.

I look away just in time to look up and be wrapped in a blue suited hug. I grip his shoulders and hug him close to me. "My Rosie." He says so happily, not a trace of torture or sadness from his time away showing now.

"Pedro." I smile into his chest. I never expected to see him again, yet here he is. I cling onto him, the fear that this could all be a twisted dream still playing in the back of my mind. But this has to be real.

This is my Papa Pedro. It looks like him. Sounds like him as he rolls on and on about how proud of me he is. It even smells like him. But all my doubts drift away when he gives me a once over, looking at me like I'm the one who was just held as a prisoner. "Rosie, what are you wearing?" He chuckles to himself at my baggy black t-shirt and grey soffe shorts with thigh high socks and converse. He shakes his head and then reaches out to tap me on the nose with his index finger.

I know I'm grinning like an idiot but I can't help it. "I've missed you." I admit.

"And I, you."

Dad breaks in between us, crushing me to him and I can't hold back my tears anymore. "Daddy." His grip tightens on me and I never want him to let go. Wrapped up in his arms has always made me feel safe and after the last few hours I need to feel protected by my dad again. "I thought you were dead." My voice sounds small and childlike but I don't care, not with my dad and Pedro here in front of me, alive.

Octavia comes over and she, mom, and Pedro huddle into a crying mess to my left and I let my eyes rove over to the bus where the rest of the group steps off.

Lance comes into view, unharmed, and he's the eleventh to disboard. I try to smile at him but the second his eyes meet mine he looks down at the ground, avoiding me.

My mind instantly freezes, something is off and I know it. I push away from the group and walk quickly towards the bus. It's been six seconds since the last person got off of the bus. I start to run, my heart tightening in my chest, as still no one else is getting off.

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