Everythings out

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Ohms pov.
The next day.

I walked into school and headed straight to the corner of the building where del said he would wait for me.

I walked there with the omega had he gave me. "Did your parents get pissed?" He asked once he saw me.

I gave a small nod and he frowned. I sat on the floor and closed me eyes. "Hey Luke can we go talk to Johnathan? You know the boys from yesterday?" I heard someone say. "Sure whatever... Do you like him or something?" Someone else asked.

"Yeah..." I could hear the awkwardness in there conversation from here. "Cool! Do you know where they are?" Person 2 said.

"Yeah follow me." I opened my eyes and turned to del. "Hey you know the boy in the blue hoddie from yesterday?" When I asked that his face turned red.

"You like him." It was more of a statement than a question. Delirious nodded then sighed. "I heard his conversation with someone else and 1) there coming over here and 2) he likes you back."

Del looked at me with an expression of shock and before he could say anything else the boys walked over to us.

"Hey we didn't properly introduce each other. I'm Evan and this is Luke." The boy in the red hoodie said to delirious.

"Like I said before I'm Johnathan call me delirious, that's my game tag, and this is my best friend Ryan, who you helped save yesterday." Delirious said and got to his feet.

I looked at them. Evan started talking to delirious and Luke stood there awkwardly.

He then sat down by me. "Why does Ed bully you, do you know?" He asked and I looked at him.

His eyes were glued to his friend. "Ed bullies me, calls me a freak cause of my good hearing.....I heard you guys coming way before del did." I told him.

"No wonder you seem familiar! From a time in the first grade and from 5 grade."

"You must have good memory." I told him. The bell rang and I shot up. I grabbed dels sleeve and dragged him to homeroom.

We walked to our usual seats which are about smack in the center of the classroom.

We sat down and I organized my binders. "So what we're you and Evan talking about?" I asked Johnathan and his face turned red.

"Ohhhh spill." I said like a girl and turned to him. Del laughed. "He asked me on a .....date? To the all-year carnival."

I smiled at him and his face got even more red.  Soon the rest of the class filled in. Along with Evan,Luke, Ed and his goons. Evan and Luke sat Infront of us and Ed sat behind.

The teacher still didn't walk in so people started playing on there phones and talking.

Evan and Luke turned around and Evan started up a conversation with del. I looked down at my phone.

After about five minutes without the teacher showing up homeroom turned into a free period. I was still looking at my phone when I felt something grip my hair that was under my hat.

My hat was ripped off my head and my ears were out in the open. "HEY EVERYONE LOOK!LOOK AT FREAK SHOW OVER HEAR!"

I froze. My ear twitched. Everyone turned and looked. Soon the class erupted into laughter.

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