Ace's P.O.V. 6

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"Why are you so happy?"

"Should I not?"

"No, you deserve all the happiness, I just want to know why you've been, it's so not you?" He laughs.

"And how exactly am I?"

"Serious, you don't smile, you don't talk, and you don't walk into my office all smiley. So what gives?"

"I have just been happy. Is it a crime? Do I have to serve time as a punishment?" He asks. I know what your punishment can be.

"Ugh, stop. You have that I-want-to-have-sex face." He says shivering in distaste. That makes me laugh now.

"What does it look like?" He rolls his eyes and continues typing on his keyboard.

"What are you doing for lunch in a few?" I ask him as I lean on my office door.

"Working, like I obviously been doing since I started working here, Ace." Kade says looking up at me from his computer once he's done typing whatever he was typing.

"Would you like to go out to lunch with me?" I ask. He lifts his brow and smiles.

"No, thanks." he says deflating all hope inside.

"Come on. It's a beautiful day outside, you can continue working and eating tomorrow."

"No, thanks."

"It won't only be us. I promise Mason is coming too." He thinks about it as he bites his bottom lip.

"Can you not do that?"

"Do what?"

"That. Biting your lip." I said wiggling my finger his way earning a laugh from not only him but Mason who arrived now.

"So, are you coming with us?" Mason asks as he leans against Kade's desk smiling.

"Get off his desk." I say annoyance rising up my body.

"Not going to touch your precious petal, Ace." Mason teases wiggling his eyebrows.

"So are you?" Mason asks again.

"Fine, I'll join you." I roll my eyes and collect my jacket and start walking to the elevator without Kade and Mason.

As they walk they look at me and laugh. How is he so friendly and always laughing at whatever Mason says and whenever I talk to him he gets serious and looks at me wrong? When they make it to me, we enter the elevator and I make sure to get in between both of them. They look at each other and then at me and start laughing.

"What the fuck is so funny?" I ask annoyed.

"Nothing" Kade says stifling a laugh. I elbow Mason earning a groan from him and it makes Kade laugh harder.

"I hate you guys." I mumble. When we arrive at the restaurant Mason and I usually come for lunch, I tell the lady in the front my name and she escorts us to our table.

"I'm not fighting where we're eating because I'm starving and Mason is here." Kade whispers next to my ear which makes me shiver.

"Good." I whisper back smiling at him.

"You shoo." I say to Mason getting him away from Kade.

"Why are you pushing him away from me?" Kade asks me sitting down.

"Because you like him" I accuse which earns a laugh from both the idiots in front of me.

"He's married, has a little girl, and is straight. What advantage do I have there?" Kade asks me.

"Y-I" I glare at Kade.

"You're letting your jealousy get to you." Mason says. A waiter comes making us stop arguing and order. Mason, like the little shit he is keeps a conversation with Kade making him laugh which he knows annoys me.

"Thank you." I say when I get my food. We eat slowly and I see Kade looking around.

"I know I'm working, but that looks really good."

"What?" Mason asks.

"That drink." He says pointing at a cocktail with an umbrella.

"Get one"

"No, wouldn't want moody pants boss over here firing me for that." Kade says glancing my way and back at Mason. Mason looks at Kade and then at me and smirks.

"Please, I'd get fired before you do and I own half the company." Mason says as he waves over the waiter ordering Kade one of the drinks.

"You didn't have to" Kade says to Mason.

"It's fine. Plus, I'm not paying, he is. We kind of have a tab here since we eat every day here."

"Then I'll pay for my own things." Kade says.

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am."




"No." He says laughing.

"See I'm paying."


"Yes, you're not paying anything that I eat, drink or anything."

"Fuck" I groan in pain. I look at Kade and see him laughing.

"Did, you just kick me?" I ask.

"I threw a drink at your face and you're questioning whether I just kicked you?"

"You guys are really cute. Looking like you guys are a married couple. Jeez, I should've invited Adri, I feel like I'm third wheeling." Mason says as he looks at us interacting, well arguing.

"Ew, no." Kade says shivering.

"What do you mean ew, no? Have you seen me?" He shakes his head and take his drink from the waiter and gulps half down. He's an alcoholic I swear!

"You're confidence is such a turn-off." Mason looks my way and shakes his head.

"So, what kind of guy do you like?" Mason asks.

"Everything that he's not. I'm currently dating a guy who's 35 and he's just too sweet." I drop the cup I'm currently holding and storm out.

He has a boyfriend! How the fuck did I miss it? Of course, that explains why he's been the way he has. I'm such an idiot. Dammit, Ace, you lost him!

Instead of going back to the office I leave and go to the gym I go to when I feel extremely stressed out or extremely pissed off. Currently? I'm feeling both. I'm more aggravated than when my mom came to my office and slapped me. So, yes, finding out Kade, my Kade is in a relationship makes me want to beat the shit out of something.

I'm having fun writing this story. I love their bickering and I love Mason be in the middle of their bickering. Next, chapter most likely will be in Kade's P.O.V.

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