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The gods were remembered.

Once upon a time, the gods of Greece were worshiped with devotion by the humans of Greece. They were praised and hailed as saviors and the kings and queens of the world. The attention seeped into the heads of the gods causing them to fall prey into the open hands of greed. They wanted more. The attention, the offerings, the sacrifices. They wanted more. They became insatiable. They demanded so much that the humans eventually stopped.

They stopped. They stopped believing, they stopped giving. The gods went hungry. The power they possessed was lost. Some gods managed to find solace in the world, while others slowly rotted. Many grieved for the loss of their power, some faded before a word of mourning was uttered from their parched mouths. They were forgotten to the cruel fate of time. The gods were forgotten.

The gods are lost.

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" The gods, they are dying. They've  l o s t  against the darkness. "

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There will be warnings every chapter in the case of sensitive material.

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