~living with my bully justin bieber~

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Mom:kenisha get up i have to leave lock the door

"mom have u ever heard of a key u should get one!" i yelled from up stairs"

Mom:do u want to be grounded for the rest if the summer."no mom."

mom:then get down here

"fine im coming."

mom:oh and Pattie's sons coming over to watch u

first of all im 18 mom im smart enough to watch my self and second whos Pattie's son?

Mom:his name is justin Pattie said


Mom:what!whats wrong!

*damn i forgot i didnt tell here justin bullied me.*i thought to my self.

"i mean no mommy im going to miss u!".

mom:um...ok then love u bye be safe justins coming over at noon.

"k love u mom be safe!"

in thirty more minutes my living hell is going to began. ugh!

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