Making Requests!

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So, before I made this book I was already getting questions about requests. Yes, I do take requests! I want requests!

This is what I need ;

Tell me whether this will be between a daddy and a princess, a mommy and a prince, vice versa, genderfluid littles and caregivers and all of that! Just let me know!

Tell me what you want to happen or at least give a scenario. For example, the first one was a new memory board. Saying "Mommy gives kitten a memory board" is enough. You don't have to develop a whole story! That's my job!

This book is for couple with a little something special about them. With one or more of the partners dealing with a challenge. In the first it was memory loss. You can request anything, from a disability to a trauma. Anything. This book is that people see that ANYONE can be a little or a caregiver.

This is optional! If you can't come up with any, that's fine. I will do it!

This is the chapter where I want the requests to be. Comment your request here or message me privately if you don't want others to see your request. Also, you can request dirty but I will set those chapters private so only those who follow me can view the dirty ones. I will however post about it so those who aren't following can follow to see it if they'd like. That's it!

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