Chapter Twelve

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(Y/N) = Your Name
(H/C) = Hair Color
(S/C) = Skin Color
(E/C) = Eye Color

You gave a small startled gasp, which quickly turned louder as another wave of pain spread throughout you, focusing on your head. James laid a hand on your forehead in a nearly useless attempt to help. You had to admit you felt slightly relief knowing he was right there beside you this whole time, but almost nothing could take away from the incredible pain you had.
The black skinned man had just explained how bad your condition was and it had hit you hard. You didn't quite know how to react.


You let out a shaky sigh, that telling him to continue.

"How're you doing?" His voice was filled with compassion and honest concern.

It took you a moment to collect yourself, then another to decide what was best to say.
"I-i think I'm doing fine." Was what you ended up with.

James' face betrayed the small smile that had appeared there as he ran his fingers through your (H/C) locks. You leaned closer to him, enjoying the attention. That smile grew bit by bit with every moment you were okay, though it was paining him, he was just glad that you weren't feeling it.

But, as always, something just had to happen, something bad.

Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw the flicker of a shadow through the space between the door and the pistons that held it closed. Granted it was dark outside, and there were lots of mobs about, but this glimpse you had sent shivers down your spine, which of course was hurting already. Your head reflexively tilted to the side in response to the odd feeling, and James narrows his deep red eyes at you, wanting an explanation himself.

"I saw something... Outside..." You start, that being the only thing you could manage to start with.

The hacker mutters something to himself, anger reflecting in his body language. You were confused, but didn't question it. With a short command, he heals you.
Sitting up without the pain of before, you glare at him, "Why didn't you do that before?!"

"... I don't know." A smile breaks out across his face, teasing you.

"You cheeky bastard!" Full fledged annoyance hits you, and you feel like you could beat him.

He stands there, looking down on you and chuckling as your (S/C) skin goes from red anger to pink embarrassment. The golden-toothed individual gained a smirk and sat down, pulling you onto his lap with a sly grin on his face. You roll your eyes, about ready to slap that smug look off his flawless face.

"Bastard, eh?" He asks, adding a hint of an accent to his normal, deep sounding voice.

You nod defiantly, making him chuckle more as you glare at him. Crosses your arms, you notice his bare chest, covered in light pink scars. Surely they weren't there before, were they? You questioned yourself.
James notices your staring, and instead of commenting something, he snaps his fingers and his scars disappear. Now honestly confused, you look at him pleadingly with your (E/C) eyes, wanting to know what's real.

A small sigh makes its way out of his mouth. "They're real, I'm just not proud of them..." He explains.

As before, your head tilts to the side, requiring more of an explanation.
James casts his glance downward and his scars reappear. Now you notice them littered about his body. A few on his arms, face, and all about his chest. They all displayed the same pink hue with the exception of a few, which were more recent and one still open.

"James...?" Your voice went high-pitched as you asked the question.

"I know, I know..."

A slight smirk manifests on your (S/C) face and your hand caresses his black toned cheek while the other trails down to his chest. You're not entirely certain what brought you to be tracing his scars, the ones that made him all the more muscular, not to mention intimidating.
A small moan escaped his mouth as your fingers ran over the sensitive skin, reminders of the fights the hacker had won.
That smirk you had grew larger, and the feeling of enjoyment took over you until you noticed that same shadow there.

James looks at you, wondering why you'd stopped, and you respond by pointing out the figure that was watching you both.
A toothy grin made itself visible on the person's face and it sent shivers down your spine.

A string of curses escape James' mouth as you only get more confused. Though one thing was certain, this new guy was bad news. He stands, eyes expressing his intense anger towards whoever was watching you both. The figure, feeling threatened, closes his eyes and you let out a scream at the sudden pounding in your head. James immediately turns back to you, you being the main concern to him.

"(Y/N), resist!"

It was an odd request, for certain. For one, what were you supposed to resist against? The only thing on your mind was the pain, so you focused on that, putting up a mental brick wall between your concious and your attacker's like a pro, though you had absolutely no previous experience to mental warring.
It wasn't technically resisting, and as such, the wall was quickly broken through.

A short scream sounded, though you couldn't recognize who it was, it was probably you. James growled, torn between staying there with you and going after the shadow watching them from a distance. Finally done with all this shit, you resist against him and here at cry of pain.
A smile appears on the hacker's face as he hurries to the attacker, who is on the ground clutching his head. You step closer, now mostly freed from the pain in your head, and see that that man is just like you, normal, from the real world. The one thing that really sticks out though, is the white mask they have on their face. You can't see their face because of this mask, but from behind it's very obvious to see they weren't originally from this blocky land...

(Oooooh, I love it! Finally have some sort of movement in this story! Anyways, that all of you for reading and hopefully enjoying this little story of mine. I love writing this, it's like my own personal anxiety relief. I apologise for the irregularity in the posting of chapters, but my life has been chaotic lately. I hope everyone enjoys it. Also, thanks for 2k views, fuck ya. Dark is happy ^^)

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