Chapter Nine: The Meeting

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Leo kept annoying Capricorn along the way. We reached the gym and I found Aquarius already there. Scorpio and Cancer came out from the bathroom.

"When did Aquarius get here?" Scorpio asked, and then he saw us.

"We just got here," Libra informed them, "But Aquarius came before us."

Scorpio just shrugged and he and Cancer sat down on one of the bleachers.

We followed them and I sat beside Gemini, who seemed to be quite uncomfortable about it.

"So, uhm. As you all may know, I asked Leo to gather you all here," Aries said, loud enough for all of us to hear while closing his laptop.

"Yeah, why?" Virgo asked.

"Well, each one of you are... Different from normal students. I've been observing and... Uhh... I need to gather us all, we can't separate," Aries answered.

"What do you mean?" Libra asked.
"Yeah, what different... You were observing us!?" Virgo shrieked. Leo shushed her and she looked at him like he was a disgusting creature.

"Not in a stalker-like way, but yeah," Aries shrugged.

"Creepy, but about Virgo's question... Different?" I repeated, raising an eyebrow. Aries snapped his fingers, Leo gave him a book.

"Uhm... Is that my book?" Capricorn asked. "Yep," Leo smirked and Capricorn glared at him.

Aries raised the book high.
"This is 'The Stars In Words' written by Epsilon Smith... Capricorn's father," Aries announced.

"Your father was a writer?" Pisces asked Capricorn next to me. "For a short time... So?" Capricorn raised an eyebrow, looking at Pisces.
"Cool," Pisces complimented. Capricorn looked away, blushing. Taurus in front of me gritted his teeth.

There's something I'm not getting here.
"I'm pretty sure you're already aware about the message, Capricorn?" Aries said, opening the book.
"That's private!" Capricorn stood up from his seat.
"I'm aware of that... But you do know you're not the only one," Aries said, his face serious.
I raised my hand.

"I'm lost, what's going on?" I asked.

"Capricorn, would you please sit down so I could explain?" Aries said (surprisingly formal.) Capricorn hesitated before sitting down.

"Thank you! Now... This is Capricorn's personal book written by his own father. In here is a message for him but as I know... There are others that relate to it. Leo, please read," Aries said, handing Leo the book.
"Uhh... Why me?" Leo asked.
"Because I'm lazy."

Leo chuckled and took the book from Aries.
"'Son, as you may know, you're different from other children. You've been quite isolated for a while and I'm a bit worried... " Leo paused and looked at us.

I took a glance at Capricorn, he looked a bit... Gloomy.

"Sorry, Cap-"
"Don't call me that," Capricorn snapped at Leo. Leo's eyes widened but he shook that away and started reading again.

"... This Leo child... He seems to have become accustomed to your unearthly behavior. He may be one of the people on my list. Capricorn, I haven't been honest with you..." Leo paused again... This time it was him registering the words. He seems to be remembering a memory.

"... There are twelve people, born to be different... You're one of them. And so is Leo. I wish you would be able to gather them. If you are separated, there is a big chance you'll face much more difficulty than any normal person...' That's it," Leo said.

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