Chapter 1 - I became a Zombie?!

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[Um the truth is...]



[When we were kids no even now I always felt like this for you, the truth is I lo-!] 

[Watch out!]

The metal bar she's been leaning on has been destroyed.

I quickly grab her hand and pull her but after pulling her I fall instead of her.


Our eyes meet just before the gravity pulls me.

I thought since this is my last chance I'll give it my all.

[I love you MiI-chan...]

I said to her and then fell at the cliff.

I lost my consciousness after that.

What I last remember at that time is Mii-chan's reaction.

Her face at that time is filled with shock and sadness.

No I don't like this.

I don't want this..

What I is when she hears my confession she will smile and say yes to me...

Maybe even getting rejected is better than this....

I even saw her sad face after my confession and.....

I didn't even hear her answer......

Why did this happened?

Did the gods just cursed me?


[No it's not us gods who cursed you to your fate...]

Suddenly a voice of a girl can be heard.

[Who are you..?]

[I'm a god whom you's speak of.]

[I see..]

[Why did you just believe it instantly?]

The voice said while her tone became a bit different.

[Well I already accepted that I died so why not.]

I said while sounding a bit sarcastic.


[So Mononobe Yuuto, I will give you another chance!]

[I will reincarnate you to another world and you will or you must fill now the gap in your life after doing so.]

[No need, in a world without Mii-chan life is meaningless to me.]

I said while sounding like resured at my answer.

[Sigh... What an uninspirational person you are..]

[And also your eyes is looking lifeless..]

Instantly a beautiful girl maybe about 13 years old is in front of me sitting at my stomach.

I was a bit surprise and almost stand up but stop halfway because she might fall.

[You you can still give some emotions huh~]

She said while grinning.

[Then I'll give you a chance if you fulfill your life in another world I'll grant you a wish or two.]

[A wish?]

[Yes a wish anything~ like going back to your own world or something like that, anything~]

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