Grey arrives!

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For those who do not know him or what he looks like just......look at the image below...

Kira: *sighs* I wonder what's today going to be

Kira: *sighs* I wonder what's today going to be........

Minkki20045 : *singing* Nightmare and Cross sitting under the tree! Same goes for Asy and Grey! *brings grey*

Grey: Heya

Asylum: G-grey?!

Grey: Hey Asy!

Asylum: H-hey Grey...

Cross: *listens to Minkki's song* Hey, Nightmare~Senpai! Listen!!!

Nightmare: *groans and goes to corner*

G: *was already there* Hey. You want to join the corner?

Nightmare: Yeah. Sure. Whatever....

*Nightmare has now joined the emo corner*
Kira: Well....guess we have another Sans here...

Sci: This is becoming a very crowded place...

Kira: I agree...I wonder how long the house will last.....

Paperjam: *comes out from the kitchen* I need to go now! I have to meet someone at Outertale! Bye Miss Kira!

Kira: Bye, paperjam....*waves goodbye*

Paperjam: *Exits the house and teleports*

Palette: MISS KIRA!!! Goth and I also need to go! BYE!!!

Goth: *whispers timidly* Bye.....

Palette and Goth: *Also teleports out the house*

Kira: Well at least the kids are gone.....

Sci: Mhmm.... *drinks some coffee*

Kira: Hey Sci.....

Sci: Yes?

Kira: Where did you get that coffee? I don't have coffee in my house

Sci: I got it over there *points to a coffee machine*

Kira: How did that get there?!

Sci: Reaper bought it over here so that he can drink coffee everyday

Reaper: Yup. *sips some coffee* I haven't been mentioned much so I decided to bring a coffee machine here

Kira: Ok......then.....continue to ask or Dare us please.....and since the kids are gone you can ask or Dare whatever! It's getting a bit boring in the household.....

Ink: Wait....we've been keeping it G-rated so far?!

Kira: Well yeah, but now the author has decided to include a lot more PG stuff
so.....more "stuff" is going to happen....
*whispers "hopefully"*

Everyone except the innocent and the non-swearing:*it

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