"Thank You" (The End)

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"You did it hyung. You really did it. You found me."

Youngjae cried into his chest, hands curling close and open.
Daehyun finally wrapped his arms around the person he loved so much. Feeling him secured in his chest was nothing like those hugs they shared when they were younger. This one took his heart away.

"I-I'm sorry I couldn't save you Youngjae-ah. I'm sorry I was a bad hyung. I'm sorry I-I-" He couldn't control his senses, he felt like hadn't fixed anything.

"Hyung, Don't cry anymore. You saved me. You saved me and all my friends. You saved my little brother."

When Daehyun still couldn't stop crying, Youngjae inched forward and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Promise me you'll live well even without me, Daehyun."

It was hard to agree to that knowing Youngjae pillared his happiness so much, and even more so to look at him in the eyes.
But Daehyun could tell they did not have that much time left together.

"I promise."

Daehyun looked at him in the eyes and thought about the life they could have had.
Playing in their rooms, dominating the play ground, walking to school together, staying up all night, telling each other jokes, perhaps maybe even falling in love? It all flashed right in front of his eyes, how much of a waste it was.

He hugged him tighter.

"I love you." Now it was his turn to kiss him in the cheek, chastely.

" I love you too, Daehyunnie. For all the years that passed and more. I'll always be with you, got that? Now don't stupidly waste your life crying over me anymore. Live well. That's the last I'll ask of you."

Daehyun gave a solid nod, regardless when everything in him was crumbling down.

"Thank you."

And his little Youngjae was finally truly happy.

Hyusong was starting to lock up the house for it was starting to really get dark out. It usually wasn't like this before, but ever since the incident that happened years ago, security measures for the house and her family had been tight. That night brought a trauma to her, and no matter how hard she tried to get past it, it would always reach out and try to consume whatever drop of sanity she had left.

She was almost finished when she heard a loud knock on the door and halted.
It annoyed her to an extent that the knock just had to show up when she was about to put on the very last lock. Now she had to undo it all over again.
But first and foremost, she had to find out who it was. What good were these locks if she was only going to let a stranger in?

So she peeped through the looking hole, and calmed down a bit seeing her beloved Youngjae's best friend.
How she wished Youngjae could have grown up with him.

She undid the locks and came to face with a Daehyun that didn't seem to look his best. He had really bad bruises, his hair was a mess, and he was carrying some sort of small treasure box.

"Daehyun? What happened? What is that?"

Why did it seem like this wasn't the first time she's seen him like this? Back when he was eight, he threw a tantrum at the police station and looked just a tad bit too similar to what she was seeing now.

"Auntie.. I found him. I found Youngjae."

The moment these words left his mouth, her world automatically stopped spinning, throat going dry as the desert and heart pounding all the way to heaven.

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