Party pt. 2

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Danielle's (POV)

I was remembering the last time I went to a party-party, not a frat party. It's what Jeremy owed me. He invited me to go to a normal party because he didn't know anyone else to ask. Anyways, it ended up some slut barfing on me! It was disgusting and he was so ashamed that he said he would do anything to make it up to me.


-Can I leave?

-You may.

-Goodbye mother, father.

-Goobye daughter.

They both said looking at me with no emotion at all. I walked outside and looked back to the place I once called home. It's disguting and I felt like spitting the frontyard for a moment, but I am a mature woman and I couldn't. I hopped in my car and drove off to my dorm. I walked up to the front door and opened it to see Samantha with her phone in her ear talking to someone.

-So you remember what's going to go down to night, right?

She waited pacing through the living. I had openend the door slightly so she couldn't see me.

-Good, love you!

She hung up to look directly at me with her eyes wide open.

-Danielle, where have you been?

-Talking to my parents about Europe; I see you were a little distracted too.

-I was just talking to my parents.

-About what exactly?

-About...Where we'ee going tonight, just in case something happens.

-Cut the crap!

-I'm serious!

I decided to end this discussion, but I knew that something was up.

-Fine, let's get dressed!

-Dibs on bath!

-Like I wanna take a bath now!

I ignored anything else she had to say and turned on the shower faucets. Once I entered it was just right. I thought of what Samantha was saying. For a split second I was thinking she had a secret lover. I crack myself up!

Samantha's (POV)

"Oh shit" was my only thought. She knows! I didn't want to think of the situation, so I started picking out my clothes. I picked out a short black skirt, white strapless shirt, and black sandles. I honestly think it's pointless to put on heels for a party, especially frat parties.



-Are you finishing up?

-Calm your tits!


I decided to watch tv because there's nothing else to do. Re-runs! They put the first episode of Grey's Anatomy and I absolutely loved it!

-You can go in now.

Danielle informed me. I was so concentrated in the show, I almost didn't hear her. She walked up and turned the tv off. I noticed she had a fluffy pink robe on; she like the abominable snowman's wife.

-Nice robe.

I said sarcastly and started laughing.

-Shut up!

I went to the bathroom and took a bath.

Danielle's (POV)

I'm still mad at Samantha because I know she is lying to me. I put my robe on and made a bun in my hair. I got out of the bathroom and saw Samantha watching Grey's Anatomy. That's not good at all; Samantha and another tv series!

-You can go in now.

She ignored me, so I did what a mother would do, turn the tv off. She examined for a couple of seconds.

-Nice robe.

-Shut up!

She stepped out and I went to my room to out some make-up on. A little mascara, eyeliner, and blush was all I needed. I decided to put on some blue jeans, purple t-shirt that said "LOVE" in navy blue, and some blue heels. I'm tiny and I like to feel tall, so yeah heels for a frat party.

-Come on, Samantha!

-You're the one that is slow!

She came out of the bathroom and got dressed while I made my hair. I straightened it and put a bobby pin to hold my side bang.

-You ready?

-Yeah, let's go.

We walked to my car and drove off. We were absolutely silent the whole ride. When we got to the frat party it was completely full of people with drinks in there hands. I parked the car and when we got there people immediatly offered us drinks. I knew something was up, so I took the drink and acted like I was getting drunk. For a second, I thought I saw one of David's cousins, but the liquor was getting to me.


It was about 2:00am by now and I was really starting to get drunk. Samantha and I were dancing like it was still 11:00pm.


-Can I tell you something?


-Jeremy is my boyfriend.

I started screaming at her although I think I was barely heard by her because of the music. The rest of the night was a blur.



-How are we in our dorm?

-Not sure.

I woke up to be laying on the couch with dry saliva hanging down my mouth and Samantha sleeping in front of me.

-What happened?

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