Ace's P.O.V. 5

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I still can't believe he threw his drink at me. I'm probably being petty and dumb and everything. I guess I did kind of deserve it, but throw a drink in my face? It's been almost a week since that happened and I've kept my distant from Kade. He has been getting my morning coffee and doing his work like normal. Yesterday he was wearing a pair of dressy gray pants making me almost come in my pants with the way his perfectly round ass looked in them. His pants were just perfectly tight which made me imagine everything he had under them.

"Yes, let me see if he can take you" I hear. Before Kade calls or comes into my office, I see my mother come in and slam the door shut. Kade comes in red cheeks looking between me and my mother.

"Sorry, she just came in, didn't even let me ask if you were available" My mom sends him a death glare which annoys me. No one looks at Kade like that, no one!

"It's fine, Kade. I'll deal with this." I say at him smiling.

"Okay, fine. If you need me call me." He says leaving my office. I turn around giving my mom the back as I pinch the bridge of my nose annoyed with her presence. She's my mother and I love her, but she doesn't know the limit on boundaries.

"What can I help you with, mom?" I ask sitting in my chair. I text Mason quickly letting him know my mother was here and to ask him if he knew about this visit. He answers back fairly quickly saying he didn't that she hasn't called him in a few days wanting to know about me. Yes, she has a tendency of always calling Mason since she knows I won't respond to her calls.

"How are you Ace?"

"I'm good, Mom, how about you?"

"Not good, Ace. I still don't have a grandkid. You're not married. You are not even in a relationship. When are you going to bring home a nice girl for me to meet? I'm not getting any younger and neither are you." She says making me want to punch something.

"Mom, I'm not going to bring home a woman. How many damn times do I have to tell you I like guys. I like penis, not vaginas!" I yell slamming my hand against my table.

"Are you okay, Ace?" Kade asks coming in through my office. My mom looks over at Kade and back at me.

"Since when do your workers call you by your first name?" She asks giving me an idea. I walk over to Kade and intertwine our fingers making him freeze.

"Please, just play along. You can do and say what you want to me after she leaves, please, just play along." I whisper into his ear. When I pull away from his ear I look into his eyes.

"Please, Kade." I mouth. He closes his eyes and nods.

"Mom, this person that works for me is my boyfriend. Mom, this is Kade." I say introducing my mom to Kade. I feel Kade's hand get sweaty which makes me squeeze his hand. He looks at me and closes his eyes leaning his head against my chest. I feel his breathing get uneven and it starts worrying me.

"You're lying, right? You can't be serious, Ace. He's a man. He works for you to say the least. He's a man, dammit, Ace. No."

"Yes, mom I know he's a man. I've been telling you for years, that I'm gay. That I like men. You're the one who doesn't want to accept me." I feel Kade this time squeeze my hand.

"NO! I can't accept this. Why? Why not one of Adriana's sisters or cousins? This is not right. No, Ace." I feel sick, I feel like throwing up.

"I'm not accepting this, never" She says slapping me against my face and pushing Kade away from me as she walks out of my office and slams the door behind. Kade doesn't say a word and neither do I. I walk to my desk and throw everything on top of my desk against the floor making Kade flinch. I kick my office chair against the wall making it hit the wall hard and fall against the floor. I lean against the wall and slide down as I grip my hair hard.

"Do you want me to call Mason?" I hear Kade ask me after a few minutes.

"No, I-it's fine." I say looking up at him. He was still in the middle of my office staring at me with a little fright in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, for her. I just-" I groan frustrated and look up at him again. I felt tears in my eyes and I felt stupid for wanting to cry over this.

"It's fine. Are you okay?" He asks taking a step towards me.

"Yes, just peachy." I say sarcastically as I mess my hair.

"If you want to cry because you're frustrated you're welcome to. I'm not going to judge, well I might use it against you later in life, but I won't say a word now. I mean I am gay and have been through coming out to someone." he says making me laugh.

"I'm good for now."

"I'm serious, I am your boyfriend, and what are we for?" He teases making my heart flutter in hope. I get up and walk towards Kade.

"You have no damn idea how bad I would love you to be something more than just your boss" I says touching his cheek.

"Am I interrupting something here?" I hear Mason from behind Kade. I close my eyes wanting to punch him.

"No, I'll leave you guys alone." Kade says rushing out of my office. He closes the door behind him leaving me and Mason alone.

"What the fuck happened in here?" he says looking around my office.

"My mother." I say walking to my chair and picking it up.

"She did this?"

"No, dumbass, it happened because of her."

"Oh, and what about what I just saw a few seconds earlier?"

"Nothing." I say

"Nothing? That wasn't nothing."

"That's exactly what it was, nothing. I asked Kade to pretend to be my boyfriend in front of my mother. He agreed, shit turned for the worse and she slapped me, said she would never accept me being gay and being in a relationship with a man, insinuated that being either way in a relationship with an employee of mine was bad, especially a male one." I say to Mason who can't believe his ears.

"What the hell is wrong with her? Why, why would she say that? What's wrong with you dating someone that works for you? Especially Kade, the guy is pretty great. And if you want to date a man, you can. Bro, don't listen to her. She's crazy." I laugh at that. My mother is crazy.

"Kade, oh Kade, he's driving me crazier than I was before for him." I say.

"What he do?"

"Beside tease me? Did you see him yesterday with those gray dress pants? Dude, I almost came in my pants because of what he wore. And then I saw him bending down when he dropped a few papers and I just wanted to take him against his desk." I groan sexually frustrated making Mason laugh.

"You need to get laid, and let than pent up sexual tension out."

"I'm good. I'll wait for Kade to fuck me."

"I guess you'll die not having sex again." I glare at Mason to just see him shrug.

"Dude, he's not easy, I can tell he's been through something traumatizing. I can see it in his eyes. He jumps when something falls hard. He doesn't like having people really close to him. I think you shouldn't pressure him. I get it, he's the guy you've had pretty much been in love since freshman year, but I don't see it happening, and if something does happen, it's not going to happen overnight. Get to know him. Don't pressure him like you have. He might be a tough guy when you piss him off, but he's a delicate petal on the inside."

"I just want him to be mine already. I can't stand knowing someone can have him."

"Just see where it leads. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't it was probably for the best."

"But, I really love him." I say. Mason looks at me with pity in his eyes which makes me mad. I hate pity. I hate knowing I will never have anything with Kade. Why does the universe have to be against me and the guy I love?

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