13 | time jump

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        KIRA WAKES UP to the sound of a heart monitor, white lights blinding her, and smell of alcohol and sanitizer

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        KIRA WAKES UP to the sound of a heart monitor, white lights blinding her, and smell of alcohol and sanitizer. It didn't take her long to realize that she's in a hospital, and she's lying on a hospital bed while she's wearing a hospital gown.

        "Oh sweetie you're awake," Mrs. Castillo immediately rushed to her side as Kira still tries to gauge out why she's in the stale alcohol smelling place, "are you alright? Does anything hurt?"

        "W-why am I here?" she asks in a weak voice, her vocal cords feels like burning with every word.

        Out of the corner of her eyes, she sees her dad staring at her looking worried. She feels confused as to how did she end up lying in a hospital bed when last night she had been talking to Emiline after seeing her at the laundry a town away from Pristine.

        Her mom stays silent for a few minutes before speaking but not before Kira opens her mouth to ask again although it's killing her throat, "Which hospital am I in?"

        "Pristine Height Medical Center?" her mom answers, confused with her random question, "should we call the doctors Greg?"

        Her dad nods at her mother to which her mother responds with a quick nod and then not even before a full second, she's already rushing out the door to get the doctor.

        "What happened dad? Why am I here?" Kira asks with brows furrowed.

        "You got into an accident," he answers her, holding her hands as he sat himself down a seat next to the hospital bed, "it's raining hard as you were driving back in town and that's when you swerved on the street and got hit by another car. You've been unconscious since then."

        A car accident? But she doesn't remember anything about going back to Pristine and getting into an accident. Sure it was raining hard last night, but she was with Emiline, and she wasn't driving back to Pristine.

        The door opens before Kira can ask anymore questions and her mom came along with a man wearing a lab coat on top of his actual clothes.

        "Good afternoon Kira," the doctor greets her as he stands to check her vitals, "how are you feeling?"

        Still confused, she decides to focus on the doctor's question first, "My throat feels dry and it feels like on fire everytime I speak."

        "Okay," the doctor replies, "anything else?"

        "How long have I been here? Is it just yesterday?" she asks and that's when the doctor exchanged looks with her parents.

        "Well you've been here for three weeks now," the doctor tells her causing her to almost shot up from the bed had it not only been for the various things attached to her.

        "T-three weeks? I've been out for three weeks?" she repeats.

        "Yes sweetie," her mom says rushing to her side.

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