Chapter 72

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A/N - Not the best, but a small update for everyone! I promise I'll get back on track with this one soon 🙈

Connie sat staring down at the image held within her grasp. She'd barely lifted her eyes in the last twenty minutes since she'd sat down and saw it laying on the table. A small smile continued to flicker across her lips as she stared down at the image of their baby.

They had gone for an appointment earlier that week to find out that the baby was doing okay, and that they were progressing at the rate which they should be. Connie and Sam had been asked if they wanted to know the gender of their baby. While Connie was alright remaining in the dark, Sam had wished they could find out, the excitement of becoming a father shining through. Connie had won however meaning the pair continued on unaware of what they'd be welcoming in a few months time.

She ran her thumb across the photo as thoughts flashed through her mind. She wasn't sure what had come over her lately, but the way she was feeling was unlike anything else she'd ever felt. She was constantly angry, shouting to the point she had no voice left. It felt as though she were losing control of everything she wanted to keep hold of. Somehow Sam had stayed out, refusing to be moved by the way she was acting.

She was quickly aware of the few stray tears that rolled down her cheeks, moving a hand to wipe them away before they had chance to properly fall. Taking a deep breath she closer her eyes for a moment hoping for a few seconds of clarity.

That was when the door shut gently. It was as though it were done in an attempt to not alert her of his return. Sam had moved in and she felt as though she were already trying to push him back out. Since his things had been bought over to her house, she had been acting strangely, barriers shooting back up when they had long been down.

Connie hated commitment, always had and this was more than she had ever bargained for with anyone. Her reflex of shutting people out returned stronger and it took every ounce of her to stop it from taking over entirely. Keeping her eyes focused on the image, she found it helped to concentrate on the reasons she needed to let this happen. She loved him, and the proof was right there.

Sam appeared from around the wall, cautiously looking towards her seeing the slump in her posture. "Con?" She lifted her eyes quickly to him offering a faint smile before looking back down to the image from the scan. Slipping his shoes off, he wandered slowly towards her releasing a heavy sigh as he saw her eyes on the photo.

Sitting down, he made sure to leave some space between them. It seemed to be the way she liked it at the moment, he wasn't sure why or what he had done but she barely let him close enough to hug her anymore. "How was work?" The only topic she ever bought up was work. It seemed the one place of common ground that she could talk about. "Work was work... Obviously it wasn't Connie Beauchamp standards but it's still standing."

He couldn't ignore the flash of a smirk that quickly faded from her face as fast as it had appeared. Taking a deep breath Connie shuffled back from where she sat to lean into his side. Sam quickly lifted his arm to settle over her as she lay her head to his chest. "I'm sorry about these last few days..."

Leaning down he placed a kiss to the top of her head. "You don't need to be sorry, let's blame it on the hormones." A small laugh escaped her lips as she hugged into his chest tighter. "I wish it was-" "You having second thoughts, about us?" When she was slow to respond Sam began to fear the worst.

"Yes... No- I mean, I just, I keep thinking about everything and realising just how not me this all is. I'd have never fallen in love with someone, moved in, this is all more serious than I ever planned." Sam smiled gently as he looked to her placing a hand to her cheek. "You think I planned on falling as hard as I did for you?"

A small smile upon her lips as he watched her, pushing a strand of hair back behind her ear. "Sometimes the best things are the unexpected ones." She felt his hand over her stomach, the bump even harder to ignore now that she was steadily past the seven month mark. "I guess you're right..." She moved her hand to lay on top of his with a small smile.

"I really am sorry for how I've been acting, you must have hated me." "What's a relationship without a little bit of hate? It certainly wouldn't be us if we liked each other all the time..." Connie watched as he smiled down at her, something about the way he looked at her reminding her of everything she had wanted in him.

Closing the space between them, she took him by surprise as she pressed a tender kiss to his lips. His hand pressed to the small of her back as she rest her forehead to his. "I love you." Caressing her cheek gently, he mimicked her expression before pressing his lips to her forehead. "I love you too Mrs Beauchamp... Come on, let's upstairs and watch a film." "Your version of watching a film is what got us here in the first place."

He smirked with a wink as he pulled her up from the sofa trailing behind him with a smile. Despite the up and down moods, she knew deep down that she could never go back on everything. Living with Sam and making a real go of this was the only option she had, besides it was what she wanted. She just needed to adapt to a way of life that she had never been familiar with.

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