Name Calling

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I hovered over Riley as Hershel checked him over once again. I watched as he asked him if anything hurt. This had been going on for fifteen minutes. As soon as I figured out it was Riley who had woke me up, I got Hershel immediately.

“He seems alright, Chelsea. He’ll just have to take it easy for a while, but he can get up and move around as long as he’s supervised.” Hershel stated as he put away his medical gear.

“Thanks, Hershel,” I smiled up at him and he nodded before he left the room. I looked down at my little brother, who was sitting up. “Wanna go outside?” I asked.

“Of course,” He responded with a smile.

I helped him get out of bed, he was a bit wobbly, but after a few minutes he could stand on his own. I kept my arms near him at all times as we made our way out of the house just in case he fell. We made it all the way over to the camp, where everyone was waiting for Rick and Shane to get back.

“Chelsea!” Glenn shouted and waved at us as I helped Riley ease himself into a chair.

“Hey, Glenn,” I smiled over at him.

“So this is Riley?” Dale asked.

“Yea, everyone this is my little brother, Riley. Riley that’s Glenn, Andrea, Dale, Lori, Carl, T-Dog, and Carol.” I introduced, pointing at each group member as I said their names.

“Hello,” He said waving at everyone. They all said their respective hellos and waved as well.

“Hey, where’s Daryl?” I asked Glenn as everyone drifted back into their conversations.

“He’s probably back at your camp,” He said.

“Who’s Daryl?” Riley questioned as he looked up at Glenn and I.


“The guy your sister has a crush on,” Glenn interjected, smirking at me.

“Glenn, shut up,” I mumbled while blushing and lightly smacking his arm.

“I wanna meet this guy then! Make sure he’s good enough for my sister!”

Glenn and I both laughed at him. “Slow your roll there, little brother,” I said poking his head and laughing. Once my laughter had died down, I looked back over at Glenn. “Hey, Glenn, you mind watching him for a sec? I wanna see if I can find Daryl.”

“Yea, sure.”

“Riles, I’ll be right back, ok? If you need anything just ask Glenn.”

“Ok, CC.”

And with that I walked off, heading for the small campsite set apart from everyone else. As I walked up, I could see Daryl sitting there sharpening his arrows, like always.

“Hey,” I said, jogging the last couple of feet to stand beside him.

He just grunted in reply, not even bothering to look up from what he was doing.

I figured it would be a little awkward between us after my little breakdown I had. I sat down Indian style while facing him. We sat there a few moments before I finally spoke up. “I just wanted to say thank you, for everything you did. Riley might not have survived if you hadn’t have brought him back, cause I know I wouldn’t have been able to carry him.”

He didn’t say anything, just continued to sharpen his arrows.

I sighed, looking down at the ground. “I’m sorry about my little breakdown I had.” I said.

“No need ta be sorry,” His said, his southern drawl coming out strong.

I smiled, finally getting something out of him. “He’s awake by the way. He’s with the others, hanging out with Glenn right now as we speak.”

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