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Mitch stood behind Kevin on the weight bench, two fingers placed under the weight bar in case Kevin would need help. 

"Are you sure you're going to be able to lift the bar? Your wrists are still in braces." Kevin said with a loud grunt, pushing the bar up before bending his arms to lower the bar to his chest. 

"I'm going to be fine, Kevin." Mitch snapped. 

Kevin sighed and he continued to do the bench presses until he got tired and put the weight back on the rack and sat up, careful not to hit his head. He took a rag off of his shoulder and used it to wipe his sweat, watching as Mitch walked around the bench and straddled his lap. 

Mitch huffed and he rested himself against Kevin's chest, his arms loosely wrapping around Kevin's torso. 

"You're acting weird today, Mitchie. You alright? You catching a cold?" Kevin asked and rested his palm against Mitch's foreheads and cheeks. His body felt pretty normal and Kevin hummed kissing Mitch's forehead before he stood up, Mitch's legs wrapping around his waist. Kevin grabbed Mitch's crutches and he started walking towards the entrance of the building. 

"Kevin. How do you think Kirstie is doing?" Mitch mumbled, his head resting in the crook of Kevin's neck. 

"Kirstie? It's been a good couple of weeks since you  last talked about her. Did you have a dream or something?" Kevin wondered, walking towards his and Mitch's cell. 

"Kinda, but I just miss her." Mitch was set on the bed as Kevin maneuvered around the cell, ridding of his workout clothes and dressing back into his orange jumper. "You're not going to shower?" 

"I didn't think so. Why? Do you not want me to go bed sweaty?" Kevin asked, stopping himself as he buttoned his jumper. 

"No! We cuddle every night! I'm not about to smell sweat all night!" Mitch pouted, his pout disappearing when he saw Kevin slowly taking his jumper off as he smirked towards Mitch. 

Kevin then lunged forward and he grabbed Mitch into a tight hug, falling onto the bed as Mitch squealed and squirmed in Kevin's hold. "Kevin! You stink!" Mitch screamed, his hands reaching to grab Kevin's triceps and attempt to push Kevin away. 


Kevin turned the water to the weak pressured shower head and let it warm up before he stood under it, crossing his arms as he stared at the wall in front of him. He sighed, the water dripping down his face and going over his shoulders. A pair of arms went over his waist and he jumped, turning around to see Mitch behind him. 

"What are you doing here? You're going to get your cast wet." Kevin said, calming his rapid heartbeat as he bent down to remove Mitch's cast by hand. 

Mitch placed his hands on Kevin's shoulders to balance himself, nearly covering his naked self as Kevin was close to his exposed crotch. He calmed when Kevin stood back up, placing his cast on the barrier that blocked the two shower cubicles. He stood under the water stream and stared at Kevin through the water, giving off the toothy smile. 

"You're weird." Kevin commented, reaching onto the barrier to grab a small bottle of shampoo and pour the contents into his hand, stepping forward to place his fingers through Mitch's long hair, rubbing in the shampoo and watched Mitch's facial expressions. 

"Thank you." Mitch replied and smiled as Kevin rinsed his hair out carefully and applied conditioner to his hair before doing the same routine to himself. He grabbed Kevin's loofah and took his bottle of liquid soap to clean himself. When he rinsed everything from his body, Mitch limped from the shower cubicle to the racks of towels and rags that sat against the far wall. He grabbed an old rag and walked back to the cubicle, taking some of Kevin's soap and squirting it on the rag then he cleaned the shower wall. 

"Mitch, what are you doing?" Kevin called from where he was rinsing his body free of soap. 

Mitch set the rag down on the barrier and raised his arms towards Kevin who sighed. He giggled as he lifted onto Kevin's waist and he held onto Kevin's shoulders. 

"You really sure you want to do it right here?" Kevin asked as he pushed Mitch against the wall and kissed all over his chest. 

"Yea, I want to do it while we still have time. The cell echoes too much." Mitch admitted, his cheeks turning red as Kevin briefly lapped over his nipples before moving up to his jawline. 

Kevin trailed a hand down Mitch's back and over the curve of his rear end, jumping when the bathroom doors opened and squeaked shut. He turned his head towards the entrance to the shower cubicles and saw Scott turning the corner, his jumper folded neatly in his hands as he placed it on the shelves and picked out a set of soap and shampoo. 

Mitch pushed himself from Kevin's embrace, nearly falling on his butt if it weren't for Kevin darting out to grab his waist. He lowered his head as Scott turned towards the noise. He felt Scott's eyes in his head but they disappeared quickly and he saw from the corner of his eye, Scott walking to a cubicle and turning the shower on and washing himself quietly. 

"We should get back to the cell. Are you rinsed good enough?" Kevin asked as he turned off the water and walked to grab towels. 

Mitch stood by himself in the cubicle, waiting for Kevin to return and he covered himself with his hands, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. 

"You look fine. There's no reason to hide yourself." 

Mitch jumped when he heard Scott's voice and turned to see Scott leaning across the barrier that separated the two showers. He nodded and he hesitantly dropped his hands to his side, facing his back towards Scott. 

"I, I heard about Kirstie being bailed. It wasn't a surprise she didn't come see me but it would be nice to see her again. She's having triplets, correct?" Scott said, rubbing the back of his neck when Mitch shivered. 

"Y-Yea. Two girls, one boy." Mitch replied, happy when Kevin turned the corner with towels in his hands. He hurried over and grabbed one, wrapping it around it his waist and using a smaller one to ruffle dry his hair. 

"Ready?" Kevin asked, drying himself off and pulling his orange suit back on. 

"Yea, let me just put my jumper on, I'll catch up with you." Mitch replied, 

Kevin stared at Mitch for a second and then towards Scott who was staring at the two. He then nodded and leaned forward to press his lips to Mitch's cheek before walking away. Mitch watched him leave, and dropped his towel, quickly pulling on his jumper and turning towards Scott. He let out a deep breath and gave Scott an awkward smile before running up to be by Kevin's side. 


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