Prologue ~ Baithazar

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Lustful Temptations (Prologue):

The night of the Lunapar was cold, but ineffective against my body as I was immune to any source of cold. I was created with the ability to be warm or overheated at all times. It was one of the benefits of being a werewolf. I could withstand any cold and I was glad as I was standing naked while everyone else was standing clothed. I was being humiliated by the Alpha, the wretched man who killed my father (the previous Alpha). I hated him so much. He never has anything better to do than pick on us weaker wolves. He had no right to be Alpha, he wasn't strong enough to care for us the way an Alpha was meant to care for his pack. He was selfish, cruel, uncaring, and sadistic. It was as though he fed off out pain.

I looked around to see the hard faces of the people who refused to help me stand up to the horrid Alpha. I resented them. I thought I could depend upon their support, but now I know. The people I thought were my brothers and sisters in spirit were actually my enemies. I couldn't be more humiliated, not because I was stark naked with my cock hanging out, but because of the fact that I believed in my so called "family". If we were a family we were an extremely dysfunctional one.

"Do you accept the punishment, runt!" I looked at him, the man who destroyed anything that was good about this pack. I gave him a scorned look and refused to answer him out of sheer stubbornness, but then thought about how this could go along much more faster if I played along.

"Yes," I replied, "I accept the consequences for my actions against the leader of the Pack, Alpha." I gave a neutral monotone to hide my personal revulsion to the words I was uttering to him. I despised him with a passion that could burn millions of forests down.

"Good." He turned his head to look at the wolves that has helped keep order and command within the pack, following the Alpha's every word like love struck puppies. "Lock him up and don't let him out for fifteen years!" The wolves came and took both of my arms and I surrendered to my fate, scowling at my so called family as they took me away to be tortured for fifteen years.

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