[26] Lunch Antics

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Previously on Agents:

"Tch, fine. Shane, Adrien, would you like to sit with us over at the populars table?"

"N--" I cut Shelby off.

"Sure!" I chirped, "But Shane and I need to go to the boys' room first."

"Okay, boys~! I'll be waiting at the table!"


I shoved Shelby into a nearby classroom. If I said her expression was a mixture of annoyed and mad, it would still be an understatement. She was furious.

"What the heck Aphmau?!" She shrieked.

"Hey, hey. Look, we could use it as an opportunity to see what really goes down in the Jury's table. I suspect some, if not all of them are Shadow Knights."

She grunted. "Hmph, fine. But you owe me one."

I rolled my eyes playfully. "Yeah, sure."

Shelby and I calmly walked to the table, overhearing some things. "So what's the plan?" Lillian asked.

"The Shadow Lord said we let them take the key to have a sense of progress, then have our secret agent take it from them. It really is a good plan." Gene smirked.

Shelby got impatient and pushed me towards the table. "Hey guys!" I waved awkwardly.

"Ah, hey boys! Welcome to the populars table!" Ivy welcomed us. "Guys, these are Adrien and Shane."

"So... what do you guys do here?" Shelbs asked.

"We discuss plans as Sha--" Zenix was cut off by Sasha hitting the back of his head. "Shut up, you idiot."


"Anyways, we just hang out and talk. Ya know, regular things?"

It was quite boring after that. Apparently Zenix was the Malfoy-hair guy and he "pranked" the restaurant using one of Michi's potions he stole.

Then Michi got extremely mad and chased him around the cafeteria; I admit, that was pretty funny.

Meanwhile with the guys, or "girls"

Adam's POV

I watched as Aph and Shumpie walked to the Jury's table. "Soo... uh, guys? Where are you from?" Kim asked.

"We're from the Indigo Quarry," Ross randomly blurts out. Max sent him a death glare.

"What do you mean, the Indigo Quarry? That was never a living quarters in the first place, plus it's been shut down for over 20 years!" Garroth questioned.

Jin quickly covered it up. "What he meant to say was we lived near the Indigo Quarry, in a small rural town called the Far, Far Range."

Phew. Great thinking.

Their mouths formed an 'O' shape. "What about you guys, you couldn't have possibly all been born in Phoenix Drop, right?" I asked.

"Nope. Garroth, Vylad, Katelyn and Kacey are from O'khasis, Ein is from the Western Wolf Tribe, Lucinda is from Pikoro. Cadenza and I are from Meteli, KC and Kai are Tu'lians, and Nicole is from Scaleswind. Aaron is from Falcon Claw and the rest are from Phoenix Drop," Laurance explained.

We continued asking each other questions before the bell rung. Well, time for the least favorite class: Math.

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