{Maddie's PoV}

I felt my eyes flutter open to see a light flash. I brushed my hair out of my face and saw a giggling Freya and Jide behind their phones. Simon groaned as he arms pulled my closer to him.
"What the fuck?" I groaned also. This made Simon open his eyes, also seeing the pair giggling.
"You did not just do that." I warned. They both grinned as they both were typing on their phones. I heard my phone buzz near me. I picked it up and checked to see they had both tweeted. I sat up, managing to get up from Simon's grip. I clicked on the notification and sighed. The picture was of us two, sleeping soundly.

"No matter what, they always find each other

"No matter what, they always find each other."

I sighed once more.
"That won't be all over the Internet and talked about at all." I said sarcastically, laughing a little at the end. The Pilot announced that we were landing shortly as Simon perked up a bit. People started to sit down and strap themselves in.

{Skip Time}

My suitcase rolled next to my feet as we exited the terminals. I looked to see Vik struggling to hold Aya in his weak little arms. I held Simon's hand tight, swinging back and forth happily. We quickly all got into different cabs to travel home. I sat next to Simon, hand in hand still.
"I think Aya and I are going to go home." I said quietly. Simon changed his gazed from the window to me instantly.
"Really? A-Are you sure?" He stuttered. I giggled.
"Don't miss me too much." I laughed. His facial expression relaxed as he tapped my arm gently. We pulled up to my house shortly after as Aya and I grabbed our stuff. Simon walked us up to the door before Aya rushed in.
"I'm not leaving. I'll text you and see you soon, babe." I said as I pecked him on the lips. I hugged him, finally, as he started to walk back to the cab. I walked through the door and immediately went to unpack. I dragged the cases upstairs and started to work alone. I thought of the perfect opportunity to tell my mum. She was away currently, doing whatever she pleased. Within a few rings of FaceTime, she picked up.
"Hello darling." She spoke sweetly.
"Hey Mum. How are you?" I asked, getting the small talk out of the way.
"Oh I'm fine. I'm not going to lie, why are you calling me? You never call, you always text. Is something up?" She said, sliding her glasses onto her face, hovering on her nose. Of course she'd know something is up, she's my mum.
"Erm. Something little has come up." I said, scratching the back of my neck.
"Madeleine, you aren't pregnant again? I know I can't chat for anything but-" She started.
"No, no, no! What? No, I'm not." I said and she relaxed. I slowly showed my ring finger, seeing the same ring as before when I told her. Her jaw dropped as she squinted to see.
"No.." She said, as small smile plastered on her face.
"Yes..." I said, mocking her.
"If this is a prank? And is it who I think it is?" She said. I smiled like an idiot, giving away completely who it was.
"Maddie.." She said.
"Mum, I know what you're about to say. Yes it's Simon. Can you please forgive him already?" I pleaded. A devilish smile crept up on her face as my eyebrows furrowed.
"What?" I questioned.
"I knew this was going to happen. That's why I was never mad at him. I could be an actress you know?" She laughed. I rolled my eyes and sighed.
"You're extra petty, Mother, you know that?" I chuckled.
"I'll come and see you three soon." She winked.
"I've got to go now, sweetie. I'll talk to you soon. Congratulations darling." She smiled finally, making me feel instantly happy and reassured.
"Have fun." I said as I pressed my finger up against the red button. I threw my phone onto my bed as I had done with all the hard work of unpacking and placing things for wash. I laid down on my bed and examined my ring. It had looked exactly like how I left it with him. I would've thought Cara would get her hands on it eventually but it looked to immaculate. My fingers traveled down my thigh skin and gripped tight against a small part of skin. I had to make sure I wasn't in a dream. It was real, finally. As I was contemplating everything, my phone buzzed next to me. I peeled myself up from my comfy bed and read out a text from the man himself.
M-Maddie S- Simon.

S- Did you really have to go? I miss you already :( x

I laughed as my hand covered my mouth. I started to type a reply.

M- There isn't anything stopping you from popping over :) x

S- Putting my shoes on now x

I laughed out loud as I went into the kitchen. Considering I hadn't eaten throughout the day, I picked up an apple and a banana from the fruit bowl and began to dig in. I could hear Aya laughing at some video she was watching, probably one of Josh's. I hopped onto the counter, swinging my legs back and forth slightly. My eyes had frozen open as I didn't look up at the person now stood in my kitchen. He had found his way through and was now standing in between my legs.
"You are well creepy." He spoke as my eyes blinked rapidly.
"Oh shit. Hi." I said with a little bit of a delay.
"You alright, you seem to have something on your mind." He said, concern lacing his voice.
"My eyes froze open, dude, I'm fine." I laughed. His arms flew up.
"I was just asking my Fiancée how she was. Damn." He chuckled. I placed my hairs delicately onto his shoulders. 
"I love you Simon." I said. I stared right into his eyes, getting lost instantly. He looked down at his hands before returning the gaze.
"And I love you too Maddie." He said, biting his lip. I felt my cheeks blush slightly and my smile rise all the way up to my cheeks. I leaned in slowly as our lips slowly connected. The kiss was tender, like what we had been missing for 4 years or even more. After all this time, we both secretly knew we'd find each other again. Maybe he wasn't my Ex Fiancé at all....


I'm finding it so hard now guys but we are so close to the end. I feel like it will be to chapter 50. Of course I'm going to be sad about it all when it does finally end. But until then, I hope you enjoyed. Much love x❤️

Maddie out x🙏🏻❤️

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