Arriving at riverton- chapter 4

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Scorpio p.o.v

"Oof!" The last pair dropped onto the ground "well that's all of us" the girl with blonde hair remarked "wow there are so many trees!" Her pink haired friend awed "wait where's riverton high?" Pisces asked looking around "huh? Wait mars said we'd land in front of the school" Capricorn said confused "guys it's over here" I sighed pointing at a posh building bustling with snooty looking students, we had been teleported in a nearby forest so the students didn't see us getting teleported "let's go!" I pushed them "WAIT!!" The blonde girl halted I rolled my eyes "I want to know everyone's names so I don't have to being know as 'the blonde haired girl' I'm Sagittarius" she finished "I'm Scorpio" I said eager to get going "I'm Aquarius and that's libra and Taurus"  a black haired girl waved and two other girls behind her one with orange hair and one with brown/black hair "I'm cancer" a small girl piped up "I'm gemini" the pinked haired girl beamed "I'm Aries and that's Leo" the red head and brown haired boys winked at the girls "I'm pisces" the blue haired boy smiled raking his hair back "and were Capricorn and Virgo" the two boys laughed "Ok let's gooo!" I urged they all gave in and walked out of the bushes walking towards the big posh building

Here's what Riverton high looks like:

"Wow this place is soo big" cancer awed "yeah the place I lived was so small compared to this school" Aries nodded

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"Wow this place is soo big" cancer awed "yeah the place I lived was so small compared to this school" Aries nodded. We all walked to the front door Sagittarius was frantically tidying her hair "does my hair look ok??" She asked Gemini panicked "it looks fine" she rolled her eyes "I want to look good these snotty school kids will judge me and I'll be known as the ugly bimbo" she franticed "relax you look fine girl" Leo winked at her I rolled my eyes as Sagittarius giggled and battered her eyelashes. We entered the main hall and students of the school gave us questioning looks and whispered about us "oh my god they probably think I'm a weakling and start picking on me" cancer whispered to libra "oh cancer calm down if anyone did that to you I'd kill them" she replied . We kept on walking until we reached the main office. The lady there looked up at us and smiled "hello you must be the new boarders?" No one spoke they all looked at me they wanted me to speak "oh uh yes" I said she gave me a sympathetic look "so do you want our information about classes,schedules and dorm keys?" She asked "yes please ma'am" I replied she handed us our school schedules with each of our names on it and our dorm keys "now head up those stairs and take a left and there are the dorms and you can decorate with the furniture that was dropped off for you enjoy!" She returned to type on the computer "lets goo I want to decorate!" Aquarius squealed her and all the other girls ran up the stairs barging through the other students. "Well we should probably go to our rooms" Pisces laughed "yeah before the girls offer to decorate our own rooms" Virgo chuckled while walking off with Capricorn laughing.

So I hope you like this chapter I'm starting to get some ideas on where the story will go but I'm not so sure yet. Tell me if you want to see anything like ships or dramas. But anyways be ready for the next chapter and comment!

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