Leaping onto earth-chapter 3

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Taurus p.o.v

"we have reached the teleporter" mars said puffing I tucked my hands in my sleeves I do that when I get nervous "you scared?" Gemini piped up looking at me with a glint of evil in her eyes "n...no I'm fine" I stammered trying to give her a look that said 'I'm fine' I don't think she bought it "eh ok I hope the teleporter doesn't shut down while we're in the middle of it" she breezed and skipped away to Sagittarius I sighed and held the bottom of my sleeves tightly. I looked around and saw cancer and libra walking side by side I went over to them cancer was in a panicked mood "w..hat if we die o...or people don't like us on earth and I get... BULLIED" she cried "oh cmon cancer it won't be THAT bad suck it up we have to keep on walking" libra said gently shoving her forward "f..fine" cancer sniffed as she continued to walk. We entered the temple inside was massive stone pillars guarding many hallways mars took us through many twist and turns until we reached the teleportation room. I gasped inside was a massive round stone casing and inside was a whirl pool of green blue and purple swirling around and around. "This is the teleported" mars announced "no duh" Sagittarius whispered her eyes wide open looking at the whirl pool. "You must all get into partners and jump together holding on to eachother strongly while you teleport to earth" she explained giving us a nod to get into partners I went with libra.
Here's what the partners were like-

Capricorn and Virgo
Gemini and Sagittarius
Pisces and Scorpio
Aries and Leo
Aquarius and cancer
Libra and Taurus

"Get into lines to jump" mars ordered we all got into a line while mars explained stuff "when you get to earth you will be outside your new school Riverton high here you must reach the office and get information about the school and each of your room keys and here you will live and learn until school is over" we all nodded while she went in front of the teleporter "you must hold hands with your partner and jump" she boomed I gulped "you two GO" she looked at Two boys one with white hair and another with blue hair they both stood in front of the teleporter and awkwardly held hands "3,2,1 GO" mars yelled the two boys gulped and leapt into the teleport disappearing with a spark "FOLLOW" slowly one by one we all disappeared into the portal. "Right let's go Taurus" libra called "o..ok" I shivered we walked to the teleporter. We both grabbed each other's hands and squeezed tightly "3...2...1 jump" libra whispered we both leapt into the portal my eyes filled with green splashes and blue grew around it libras hand clenched on mine hard I winced. Suddenly the whole picture in my eyes turned into a vast forest and a big blue sky we were both thrown onto the ground in a heap. "Welcome to earth girlies!" Gemini squeaked

Authors note-
hope you enjoyed this tell me if you don't understand this and I'll tell you the jist :D
and now I'll get onto writing some more yay!


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