Chapter 1

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???? Gem POV
Holly Blue Agate escorted me to the chamber where My Diamond sat waiting for me to reach her. Holly Blue hadn't needed to tell me as I could already read her mind. We walked round corners and past the jail cells with their barriers made of the same energy as the Gem Destabilizers. We had walked in silence with the occasional 'Yes', 'No' or appropriate answer coming from me regarding the Agate's thoughts.
When I walked into the room the gracious Blue Diamond sat on the her throne waiting for me as the Agate had known, therefore I had.
"My Diamond." I said giving a polite curtsey.

Crystal POV
"You asked for me My Diamond?" Before you start wondering, yes. I could read the Diamonds' minds if I so wished. But that would be disrespectful and would no doubt end with me in shards.
"Yes. Crystal as you know you are one of the first gems of a new aristocratic and soldier class."
"Yes My Diamond."
"Yellow Diamond, White Diamond and I have all agreed to send you to the planet Earth to apprehend the traitors to Homeworld known as 'The Crystal Gems'. Have you heard of them?"
"My Diamond, is there leader, Rose Quartz, is she the one that shattered Pink Diamond?" I saw what looked like a flicker of pain on My Diamond's face before she composed herself.
"Yes. Now Do you understand the orders of your mission?"
"Yes My Diamond. I am to go to Earth, relieve the traitors of their physical forms so I can bring them back to Homeworld where they will reform and face trial."
"Correct. You may leave." I curtseyed politely again.
"Yes My Diamond." I said as I left the room to prepare for the trip to The Earth.

When the ship landed on The Earth I was alone apart from my Amethyst. I changed into my uniform. I told my Amethyst to stay by the ship, as she complied with the orders I decided to take in my surroundings. I seemed to be in front of a giant statue holding a small house in front of it's stomach. It was obvious it was a gem as it had a gem on it's chest. I concluded  this was the residence of The Crystal Gems so I carried on up the path then went up the steps leading to the building. As I stopped in front of the door I politely knocked on the door after changing outfit again. A human about the same height as me opened the door and I instantly recognised him as the son of Rose Quartz.
"Uh. Hello?"
"Hello. I am Crystal, a gem sent by Blue Diamond to relieve you and the others of your physical forms so you can be put on trial back on Homeworld." I said knowing Amethyst would still be able to see and hear me.
"Ok?" The Quartz child sounded confused.
"May I come in?"
"Uhhh. Sure." He opened the door further allowing me in.
"What's your name?"
"Nothing, just trying the word out."
"Ok." About a second after, five gems walked in. I knew what gems all but one of them were. An Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli and Peridot. I smiled when I saw the Peridot. she was so small, she looked adorable! The Pearl's eyes instantly went to the tear drop shaped gem and I saw her notify the other gems there.

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