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long chapter ❤️ & dave in the MM

Babyyy I wined into dave neck trying to wake him up Becsuse our flight leaves at 6:30 and it's now 3 in the morning.


Wake up babe we have to pack last minute things get ready then pick up the girls and head to the air port and you know those lines are long when checking in our bags.

Ight i hea you baby but you being on me like dis makin soim hard down their love he mumbled.

Oh this I said lifting up a little looking down at his rock hard morning wood through his polo boxers as I started to rub myself against him regretting it after because now I was turning my self on knowing now is not the time.

Fuckk baby stop


Feeling his hands rest on my waste while I straddled him grinding against him I moaned out.

Baby you feel dat you feel him

Ahh ye-

Feeling him press against me harder and more into my love down their since i was only wearing panties and no shorts.

Dave baby rub faster

Looking down at him he grabbed his wood rubbing it up and down my slit.

Ahh fuck baby I moaned out leaning down to him putting my face in the of his neck.

Domo you soaked up yo panties I could feel dat shit.

dave slow down baby fuckk

Nah this whatchu wanted baby damn Nigga wanna be in you so bad.

Baby move my panties to the side I mumbled.


Yes I'm sure dave it's not like were hav- having sex I moaned out.

Feeling him slide my soaked panties to the side his wood came in contact getting all covered up by my wetness.

Omg baby it feels so good

Before I could even think about what I was saying it just slipped off.

Baby put the tip in pl- please

No baby you not ready for it , right na is not the time as bad I want to I know you not ready.

I have to cum I moaned out

Let that shit go baby

Right after I came I felt him release all over my thighs.

Best morning ever I mumbled to myself .



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