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Alpha won!

(For those who wanted it to be delta,I'll have the rwby characters call you delta but Eleanor will still call you Mr bubbles until she is saved

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(For those who wanted it to be delta,I'll have the rwby characters call you delta but Eleanor will still call you Mr bubbles until she is saved. I also decided that you can talk later when you unlock your aura. I will also change the ending so that they didn't leave rapture and she didn't go back to her normal self)
Y/n's pov
I woke up and grabbed my stuff and went to find my daughter.
While I'm searching for my younger daughter,let me tell you about myself.
I'm the last alpha series and I almost died but I was revived and I set out to find my daughter Eleanor or at least that's what they called her.
As far name is,I can't remember but i think it was y/n or something and I was called delta by a women named Sofia lamb but I don't have time to find out as I have daughters to take care of.
I went through hell to save her but it was worth it.
On my journey,I met my older daughter.
She's called a big sister and it seems Eleanor gets along with her so I'm fine with it.
I went to a vent and knocked next to it.
Eleanor came out and smiled.


She went back down and came back up with a doll that looked like me.

Eleanor:it looks like you daddy!

I picked her up and out her on the ground.

Y/n:that's wonderful

Eleanor looked behind her before looking back at me with a smile.

Eleanor:I sense an angel nearby

She grabbed my hand she tried to pull me.

Eleanor:let's go Mr bubbles!

I let her pull me as we went by a window and I saw my reflection.

Y/n:'man I'm looking good'

She let go of my hand and ran off while I walk to catch up to her.
She calls me daddy when me,my brothers and/or her older sister but other wise she calls me Mr bubble or Mr b.
I suddenly heard her scream and I quickly ran to her and saw three splicers near her and the angel so I got in front of her,my pot turned red and I agrassively revved up my drill to warn them to back off.

Splicer:kill him!

Eleanor:they need a time out Mr bubbles!

I set one of splicers on fire.
Another splicer charged at me but when he got closed,I drived my drill into his chest while it's running then I pushed him off my drill when he died.
The last one stood there with something in his hands then he ran at me and jumped on me which knocked me back.
Suddenly I saw a light and I blacked out.
I woke up to see green in front and I got up and looked around.
I see blue with some white stuff above me (get your head out of the gutter!). I see stuff I think they are called trees but I don't know what the green stuff below me is.
I looked behind me to see Eleanor.

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