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"Hey there! Amon-kun... I'm Aladdin," Aladdin said, introducing himself with a little wave, while Alibaba and Faith were preoccupied with inspecting (more like spazzing out over) the treasure. "Nice to meet you...?"

"Yes... But I know who you are, magi," the Djinn answered respectfully.

"What's a... magi...?" Aladdin asked.

"..." Amon glanced at Ugo and waited for his approval before speaking. "A magi is someone who chooses kings. Throughout history, every king has been chosen by a magi. Wherever mankind gathers, there is a need for a king to unify them properly. There is someone who is destined to become king. And to seek this person out, discover him, to choose him and train him well... a wise man has been sent to this world by our great king. O reincarnation of our beloved Solomon... that is who you are," he explained.

"..." Ugo watched silently as Aladdin pondered what he had just heard.

"Hey, did I just hear someone mention King Solomon?" Faith asked, perking up when she heard what sounded like something familiar being mentioned. She was now completely decked out from head to toe in fine jewelry. "What's some dude from the old testament got do with Aladdin? Did you guys just say something about Aladdin being his replacement?"

"O-Old testament...?" Amon asked, dumbfounded. What was this girl talking about? Why did she seem to know about their great king!? Ugo calmed him by explaining something with some more hand signs. "Oh, I see... Well, the answer to your question is probably 'nothing'. The Solomon you are referring to is from another world, correct?"

"Oh. Now that you mention it..." Faith said, sweat-dropping, as she smiled a bit wryly at herself for jumping the gun like that.

"Hey, um... What about the treasure??" Alibaba asked excitedly, clutching an armful of golden goods. "Don't we get a treasure? Or, hey, since I cleared the dungeon, can I have this?"

"What a noisy runt you are..." Amon said, sweat-dropping. To think that was his king vessel... "Fine, take whatever you want, and be quiet!"

"Yeeaahhh!!" Alibaba cheered, running off to grab more stuff. Amon heaved a sigh.

"Why would you bring a brat like him along?" the Djinn asked Aladdin. The girl was somewhat annoying too, but at least she wasn't drooling all over everything.

"Er, what do you mean?" Aladdin asked, confused. "Never mind, that's not important anyway... Tell me something, what did you mean by 'reincarnation'? Am I taking someone's place? Why me?"

"That's..." Amon began a bit hesitantly, when the whole tower suddenly shook violently.

"Wh... Whazzat!?" Alibaba asked nervously as he whipped his head around to face them, revealing that he must have been in the middle of testing a string of pearls with his teeth, because they were still in his mouth.

"An earthquake...?" Faith asked with a frown.

"Mng..." said Amon as he closed his eyes for a moment and concentrated. "This is...!?" he gasped as his eyes shot open again. "Someone is trying to seal the 'Road' from the outside..."

They didn't know it, but Judar and another member of Al-Thamen had been sent by Ren Gyokuen to investigate the other half of the great disturbance that they had sensed in the rukh. It had not been hard to convince him after hearing something similar happened when Sinbad was born, because Judar had been sure he would find something interesting... Instead, he found nothing but sand (Aladdin and Faith had already moved on). So, rather than let the trip be a complete waste of his time, Judar had decided to pop in and do something about that dungeon that had been collecting dust in Qishan for the past ten years.

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