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Alibaba, Aladdin, and Faith coughed from the dust as they passed through the gigantic doorway.

"What's this... It's all just open space..." Alibaba said, disappointed. "Is this the wrong..."

"Hey, what's that?" Faith asked, pointing to a shadow that was becoming visible in the cloud ahead as the dust began to settle.

"Wha? Oh, good job! It looks like you found something..." Alibaba said, taking a step forward. "...!" He was surprised when Faith suddenly reached out and pulled him back by the collar of his shirt. He coughed, nearly choking. "Wh-What was that for!?" he asked incredulously.

"Uh, Alibaba-kun..." Aladdin said, pointing to the space where he had been about to step, which was actually over the edge of whatever they were standing on. A bead of nervous sweat rolled down the side of Alibaba's face. That would have been a really long fall...

"Wow... You saved me!" he said as he looked up at Faith, impressed.

"Yeah, how 'bout that? But no need to thank me," Faith said modestly. "Actually, I just didn't want you to beat me to the treasure."

Alibaba flinched in shock as an angry vein popped on his forehead. This little...!!

"But more importantly... check out this view!!" she said excitedly, calling their attention to the rest of the incredible scene before them.

"WHOOOOOAA!!" Alibaba exclaimed as he stood up and took another look alongside Aladdin. It turned out they were standing on the rooftop of one of many buildings in some kind of vast underground city! "Awesome... It doesn't look like there are any treasures here, but we've stumbled on the resting place of an ancient society...!"

"Hope would totally love seeing this!" Faith said with a grin. "I so feel like Indiana Jones right now!!"

"Who?" Aladdin asked.

"A kick-ass archaeologist," she answered with a smirk.

"Never heard of him," said Alibaba.

"Oh, you poor deprived soul..." Faith said, giving him a look of such extreme pity that it actually pissed him off.

"Anyway, Aladdin, let's go have a look!" Alibaba said, deciding getting even wasn't worth the damage she would undoubtedly inflict upon him in return. "There have got to be treasures in that city that we can't see from here!"

"Oh! Let's make that huge and overly conspicuous tower over there our first stop!" said Faith excitedly, deciding to let the fact that he was trying to ignore her again slide for now.

" 'Kay!" Aladdin said excitedly.

"But maaaan, this place is awesome," said Alibaba as they walked through the ancient and deserted streets. "Who would have thought a city like this would exist here..."

"This dungeon is definitely 'bigger on the inside'..." said Faith with a Cheshire cat grin as she looked around. Talk about best quest ever!! Eat your heart out, WoW! The TARDIS definitely had some competition.

"Yeah," Aladdin agreed.

"..." They fell silent as they continued walking.

"Heheheh... to think I'm finally here..." Alibaba laughed quietly to himself.

"Huh? What's up, Alibaba-kun?" Aladdin asked.

"Yeah, what's with that creepy grin on your face?" Faith asked. He looked like he was plotting something nefarious over there.

"We should totally call this place 'Alibaba Park'!" Alibaba said excitedly with a big goofy smile on his face. "After all, I'm the guy who discovered this city, right? Wait, no. Since the three of us found this place, it should be called 'Aladdin and Alibaba and Faith Park'!"

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