Kade's P.O.V. 4

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I was tying my tie before going to the mirror and styling my hair. It was 6:30 in the morning on a Monday and I was a bit tired. I spent all weekend trying to find Ace in my yearbook. Well, I spent all weekend after he dropped me off trying to find my high school yearbook. Finding Ace and Mason was not difficult. They were on every page I flipped. I thought he was lying when he said we went to the same high school. Even after he said all those details about me I still didn't believe him. I can't believe I never noticed him. If I knew he was the owner of Kent Inc. and Mason the co-owner I would have fled. Wouldn't have even applied for the job. I hated those people.

Once I'm done getting ready I grab my bag and jacket and head out. When I get outside I see Ace parked on the sidewalk. I roll my eyes and ignore his presence.

"Hey, Ben." I say greeting him when I see him in the corner.

"Good Morning, Kade."

"Do you know how long he's been there for?" I ask him as I put my shades on.

"10 minutes or so. Why is he here?"

"I don't know, but he better not think I'm going with him. I'll see you later okay?" I say to him.

"Have a good day." Once I say 'you too' I start making my way to the bus stop. A car beeps at me but I ignore them putting on my earplugs. I know it seems ignorant but dealing with Ace before 8 in the morning was not in the job description.

I feel my phone vibrate. I take my phone out and see Ace's name on my phone. I groan in frustration but pick up nonetheless.

"Good Morning, sir." I say answering the phone.

"Ace, Kade, Ace. Why are you ignoring me? You know I was in front of your apartment, yet you decided to ignore me and leave. I'm going down the block, come on get in the car." He says. I roll my eyes and see him turning the corner. I'm already at the bus stop when Ace parks in front of me.

"Get in." He demands rolling down the window and hanging up the phone.


"Kade, get in." He demands I laugh at his angered face.

"No." I see the bus and breath out in relief.

I walk to the bus that stops beside Ace's car and get in waving at Ace. Once I pay I walk to the back and sit down.

I look at my phone and see a few text from Ace opening them I laugh.

Mr. Kent

-You're impossible to deal with.


-What's your problem?


-You could have arrived at work earlier.

Mr. Kent


I ignore all his messages until I get to work. I walk to the coffee shop a block away and get Ace's coffee and Mason's. I grab myself an iced passion tea with lemon and peach and make myself to the office. I take the elevator to the 16th floor and make my way to Ace's office. His door was already opened so I walk in finding him with a red face and Mason laughing. I place Ace coffee in front of him and then Mason's coffee in front of him. I smile at Mason and then start walking away when I am stopped by a hand gripping my arm. I look at his hand and then look up to see Ace looking at me.

"Get out Mason." Ace demands.

"Good Luck Kade, and thanks for the coffee." Mason says before leaving and closing the door behind him. I look back down at Ace's hand and pull my arm away.

"What the hell?" I ask pissed as I pull away from his grip. Something I hate is to be manhandled, especially after that night.

"Why the fuck didn't you answer my text? Why didn't you get in my damn car? You know how many people would kill to get in it? You fucking ignored me, got in the bus and waved at me like if I was a fucking pest. Dammit, Kade. Don't ever do that again." He yells in my face. I flinch, my heart races 100mph. I'm pissed. Without thinking I open the lid of my tea and throw it in his face catching him by surprise. He steps back and wipes the tea out of his face. He looks more pissed now with tea dripping from his face down to his dress white shirt and floor.

"I'm not your fucking property, I'm not your damn kid, I'm nothing to you, but a fucking employee. Expect nothing but work related things from me. I don't have to do anything before 8 in the morning for you. I don't get paid for it. I don't want to get paid for it either. I work for you and do work related things for you after 8. Now, I'll be at my desk."

"Don't you fucking dare leave, Kade." He demands while unbuttoning his soaked shirt.

"Bye, Mr. Kent." I said waving him off as I leave his office.

"KADE!" He yells. I ignore him as I close his office door and get to work. The phone on my desk starts ringing and I look down checking who it is. I check and it reads Mason's name on it.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Kennet?" I ask politely even when I'm seething inside. My tea wasted on a person like him!

"How pissed off is he?"

"After I wasted my perfectly good tea on his face? Seething. Probably wants my head on a gold platter." I answer honestly making him go into a fit of laughter. I giggle at that. Mason does enjoy his friend being tortured.

"You did not?"

"I did. How dare he yell at me and demand things about me?"

"I'm glad you're putting him in his place. Don't let him manhandle you or treat you like shit. Stand your ground and if you need to throw another tea in his face because he's yelling at you. I'll lend you my card so that you can pay for the tea." I laugh at that.

"I can't believe I wasted my perfectly good cup of tea because of that ass." I groan pissed.

"I'll talk to you, I have a call on hold."

An hour later I see Mason walking down the hall with a cup in hand. When he stands in front of me he smiles big and places the cup in front of me.

"Your tea, passion tea with peach and lemonade?"

"Uh, yeah. Thank you." I say looking up at him. I've been thinking all morning of this tea while answering calls and working.

"Don't waste it on that imbecile I call best friend's face. Has he been out if his office?" Mason asks grinning down at me. I shake my head and sip on my tea before answering.

"No, he's been held up in there all morning. He got a call like an hour ago, but he's done if you want to go in." He nods and smiles at me.

"I'll see how pissed off he still is." Mason laughs and enters Ace's office, closing behind him.

I continue on with my day answering calls and working on things on the desktop in front of me. I file a few papers and do other paperwork Mason hands me when he gets out of Ace's office.

I guess Ace isn't going to bother me today anymore. I hope he doesn't bother me with anything that's not work-related for a while.

Kade is so aggressive and pissed at Ace. Is it horrible it brings such joy within me? No one manhandles Kade, anymore. How about Mason? You have to love him, he's such a great friend! Lol, anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter in Kade's P.O.V. Next chapter will most likely be in Ace's. See you tomorrow, again.

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