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I love each and every one of you. And I am sincerely so thankful to have you all as my precious readers.

This book meant so much to me. It was my first story and my first fanfiction. It was my first love.

But most of all, it was my first time receiving so much love from so many different people from all over the world.
It made my heart melt to know how the fandom of BTS cared for each other, as if they were siblings of the same blood.

Umbrella was such a beautiful success but it was not a book for me, it was a book for all of the A.R.M.Y.
This book belongs to all the amazing Jikook shippers around the world.

Umbrella told the story that I successfully managed to write, with the help of all of you. And my gratefulness for all of you has no limits.


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tears and smiles, hugs and kisses, love and appreciation, gratefulness and immense happiness

The journey with Umbrella [Jikook] has ended.


Thank you for all your unending love, undying support, cheerful encouragement, sweet care, shared happiness, beautiful comments and meaningful votes.

I hope you all enjoyed this journey, as much as I did.



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