19 - Kelly's letter.

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Vanessa 🌻

My foot pressed down on the gas pedal, sending my car flying down the road. My chest felt right and heavy. I felt incredibly tired, but anger coursed through my veins.

That fucking asshole! What made me think he was different?

I gripped the steering wheel tight, a frown forming on my face. I hit the stereo, turning the music up as high as I could.

I shouldn't even be upset, we weren't in a relationship.. He told me he liked me enough to love me and he acts like he does but we were never exclusive.

I like him enough to love him too..

That's why it hurt so much when I seen him kissing that girl. Whoever she was I already hate her guts. That smug look she gave me when she seen my face.


You keep saying that like you don't care, when you actually do.

I know..

Trying to shake the jealousy I felt away, I switched on the stereo, twisting the knob until it stop turning.

Miss missing you by fall out boy started blaring through the speakers and I smiled, leaning back slightly.

Baby you were my picket fence

I miss missing you now and then

Chlorine kissed summer skin

I miss missing you now and then

Sometimes before it gets better

The darkness gets bigger

The person that you'd

Take a bullet for

Is behind the trigger


I sing along to the song, feeling my eyes sting with tears. I blink them away, screaming my lungs out- having not sung in a week or so, it felt so damn good.

"I see through you when were sitting in the dark! So give me your filth! Make it rough! Let me let me trash your love!" I took the shorter route home, wanting to take my guitar out today.

Once I arrived home I immediately rushed inside, slamming the front door closed behind me. I made my way to the staircase when I heard Tom's voice.

"Vanessa!" He called from the living room. "Is that you?" I gripped the railing of the staircase tightly, gritting my teeth.

I am so not in the mood for him.


I retreat, walking towards the living room, stomping inside. "What?" I snapped, eyeing him.

My heart dropped upon noticing the white paper in his hand. It looked like it'd been folded a thousand times.

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