Tick tock

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  Third person P.O.V

It had been a time since Lloyd got captured.

"10 minutes!? He just broke his own record! The guy is inhuman!" Kai shout while he and the other ninjas were looking at a watch and Zane was beating his own record by being underwater.

Zane came up, and the ninjas were smiling at him.

"Amazing!" Cole cheered. The others also cheered.

"We're not worthy." Jay say and bow to Zane.

"I broke the record?" He ask.

"You destroyed it!" Kai shout back.

"Okay, okay, Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? We've been training for so long, and I don't think we can get any better. Just think about all we've accomplished." Jay say to Kai while Cole and Zane were training behind them.

Kai had ran over glowing stones without burning his feet.
Jay had balanced on top of a lightning conductors​​​​​​ while it was storm.
Cole had lifted 6 time his usual plus Jay with a turkey, Nya with a dumbbell and (Y/N) just sitting there.

"The question should be raced. Perhaps we have reached our full potential." Zane say.

(Y/N) wakes up. She slept much longer than she thought she would. Well, as a teenager she don't like early mornings. She walked out of the ninjas sleeping room and saw that they were heading for sensei Wu's room. But instead for following them she walked over to the fence and looked out over the water.

The ninjas were chitchatting until they saw that Wu were up to something that he needed to pack some things for.

"Sensei, what does full potential looks like if--" Cole say then cut himself off. They bow their heads.

"Our apology sensei, we've interrupted you." Zane apologize.

"I'm sorry if I've been distant lately. My mind has been elsewhere since Lloyd has gone missing... and seeing that (Y/N) aren't as cheerful anymore... What can I help you with...?" Wu say. Now (Y/N) walks in behind the ninjas, and Cole lay a hand on her head.

"Sensei, what if we've done enough training? What if we've reached our true potential? What if we're ready?" Cole then ask.

"Hmh! You might have reached peak physical condition, but you've yet to reach your inner potential. In each and every one of us, there are obstacles that hold us back. Only when you conquered that fear, will your heart be free. Only then will you reach your true potential. Only then will we have a fighting chance to stop the serpentin from releasing the great Devourer" Sensei Wu say, but at the last part, (Y/N) sank her head, knowing that the big snake will be free one day.

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