Glimpses of Midsummer | Sammi Cox

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In the dark forest, I knew I wasn't alone. I couldn't see them but I felt their eyes on me. Someone else was abroad that Midsummer night, concealed in the darker shadows of the trees.

Their presence became bolder.

I turned suddenly.

An indistinct diminutive figure was watching me, laughing.

I cursed my luck.

The wood-sprites were awake.


...Placating the Gods...

The Midsummer sun found its way between leaves and branches to bathe the dancers below. Wish ribbons danced in the breeze. Healing herbs burnt in the fire.

But all was not peaceful in the forest.

Elsewhere, a cry went up. Someone fell down. And their eyes closed forever. A solstice sacrifice.



The tribes had been gathering around the stone circle for days now. A sense of anticipation hung in the air.

It was the time of the Sun God; a time to rejoice before His slow descent into darkness. When night would triumph over day.

But we celebrate the light.


...Midsummer's Eve...

As the sun went down on Midsummer's Eve, the woodland began to stir in the twilight.

Soon the air was all a-glimmer, the tree canopy showing the tell-tale sign of iridescent sparks, announcing to one and all the Fae were abroad.

It was a night for magic...and mischief.

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