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Tara's POV

"What do you mean I'm moving in with that asshole?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. 

Right now my Mom and Dad are telling me I have to live with Justin and we are sitting down talking about it.

(TM)=Tara's Mom (TD) = Tara's Dad

TM: "Honey please don't talk about him like that when he is right infrount of you."

T: "I'm not living with him."

TD: "People change honey." 

T: "Not people like Justin."

I yelled while getting up.

Before left the room Justin yelled my name.

J: "TARA!"

T: "WHAT?!"

J: "I've changed the only part that hasn't changed is my love for you."

T: "Wow, sure."

J: "I mean it Tara you are my baby, my everything. I missed you every night I missed holding you close. I missed kissing you goodnight. I missed you coming into my bed late at night. I missed you sleeping on my chest when I woke up. Not a day went by Tara that I didn't think of you."

T: "Why now Justin? Why do you want me now?"

My Mom and Dad looked at another.

TD: "Honey Justin could have gotten you back a few months after you where taken away."

T: "What?"

TM: "Justin came for you one day while you where napping and said he could take you back but we refused to let him. We went to court and they said that we had every right to keep you."

TD: "We woudn't let Justin come near you. We didn't want him in contact with you."

T: "Why?"

TM: "We thought it was for the best."

I looked over at Justin.

T: "You came back for me?"

J: "Of course I did."

T: "I hate you two!" I yelled at my Mom and "Dad."

I then ran to my room.

Justin POV

"I'll go talk to her."

I then ran up the stairs to Tara's room.

I jiggled the knob.

"Tara, honey let me in."

T: "NO!"

"Tara, Please"


"Please baby, Daddy just want to talk to you."

It was silent for a few second's then she opened the doors tears coming down her face. 

"Oh baby." 

She ran into my arms and I picked her up. I held her by holding her butt and her arms wrapped around my neck sobbing into my neck. I rubbed her back soothingly and rocked her. I then heard her sniffs go down and I looked down at her and saw she fell asleep. I kissed her head and layed her on the bed and held her close to me. 

No one is going ot take her away from me. Never. 


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