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72. Turmoil

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We were anxiously waiting on Harper and Damien to arrive. Well, I was anxious, Jay seemed completely relaxed.

"Why are you so antsy babe?" Jay asked as I paced past him again. "What's bothering you?"

I hadn't been able to fully settle since I'd seen Harper's interview earlier tonight. It made me sick to my stomach when I thought of what she'd been through.

How does someone go through something like that and come out of it as such a beautiful person? I guess Damien had a lot to do with it. There was no doubt how much he loved her and his dominant side was obvious. He would do everything in his power to protect her, no matter the consequences.

"Mia?" I jumped as Jays arms wrapped around me from behind.

"I'm finding it hard to come to terms with what Harper went through." I admitted quietly. " I feel like I should have known, that I should have...I don't know. Like I should have... something."

"Babe, there's no way you could have known. We've only known them for 12 months, this all happened before that."

"I know Jay." I sighed. "I just feel so terrible about it."

"Because she's your friend Mia, because they are our friends. I feel sick about it too." He admitted as he hissed in a breath and I felt his muscular body tense.

"That's some fucked up shit that she went through, but she got through it. They got through it. What she did tonight was huge, but I'm sure she won't want to be reliving it when she gets here."

I nodded. "I know, but I feel kind of selfish."

"What? Why?"

"I know it's ridiculous, but I feel bad for being so happy." I said as I turned to face him.

"You're right, it is ridiculous, but I know you Mia and I know why you feel this way. Harper and Damien are coming here to help us celebrate our wedding babe, do you think they'd want you feeling this way?"

I shook my head as I looked into his beautiful green eyes.

"So, do you think you can try to...I don't know, try to not be so caring?"

He winced as he said it, knowing how bad it sounded.

"You mean try not to comment about it?" I asked and he exhaled his breath.

"Yeah, that." He said as he held me.

"I'll try, but with these hormones I'm not so sure I'll succeed." I admitted and he chuckled.

"Even without the extra hormones, I'm not sure you could do it."

I scowled at him, but he just held me closer.

"It's not a fault Mia. It's a compliment. I know how much you care for her."

"It's not just Harper babe, can you imagine what Damien went through?"

I felt his grip tighten and heard him suck in a breath.

"Yeah, I can and I know that if it was us, I would do everything in my power to find you. Just like he did."

"It's fucked up." I knew I was stating the obvious.

He nodded. "They should be here soon, will you be okay?"

"Yeah, I'll try Jay."

We both turned towards the window as we saw the headlights shine through.

"They're here babe, think happy thoughts." He said as he took my hand and we headed to the front door.

I couldn't help it, as soon as I saw her, I hugged her and told her I was sorry. But, that was the only thing I said before I released her. I looked towards Jay and he smiled his encouragement before he hugged her too. I noticed he held her a little longer than usual and I could see his own emotional struggle.

"It's so good to see you guys." I said as I hugged Damien.

As Jay did with Harper, I held him a little longer than usual.

As if sensing what I felt, Damien whispered in my ear. "She's all good Mia. At least she will be. We just need to let it rest again."

I nodded my understanding. "Okay. And you?" I asked quietly.

"Same." He responded.

"Okay." What else could I say? What else could I do?

I felt completely fucking useless!

Another really short chapter guys. I'm sorry, but my stories are coinciding at the moment and I need to keep them connected. I hope you enjoy the update anyway.

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