Leaving the Guild

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Hey guys. I went onto fanfiction.net and I absolutely LOVED some of the fanfics. So now I'm gonna create a story of Lucy becoming the Elemental Dragon Slayer.

Like most of the others -
Summary: Lisanna is back from Edolas, and Natsu kicks her out of Team Natsu so Lisanna can join! Lucy feels weak and leaves the guild. The others all think that she is dead, but she returns... Pairings undecided. Probably Lucy with a few guys. GaLe

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail

The clock struck midnight. Lucy Heartfilia lay in her comfortable bed and sighed. The guild had been partying for exactly two months ever since Lisanna Strauss, Mirajane's younger sister, had come back from Edolas, or so called 'came back from the dead' to most of the guild members. Lucy held nothing against Lisanna. She was a sweet, cheerful girl and the moment they met she and Lucy had become like sisters. But over the weeks Lisanna started clinging to Natsu. And following Team Natsu on missions - ending up ruining everything. But whenever Lucy mentioned it, Natsu just got angry and snapped at her not to blame Lisanna.


They were against a group of mages from a dark guild. "I've got this!" Lucy smirked. "Leave it to me!" She pulled out Taurus's key, shouting, "Open! Gate to the Golden Bull P-" Before she could finish, Lisanna cut her off.

"No, I'll do what I can!" Lisanna giggled, unlatching herself from Natsu's arm. "Takeover: Tigress!"

"Take Over?" the Mage growled. "I remember a certain, annoying white haired Take Over Mage who beat my brother to a pulp. Mirajane Strauss." He muttered some words and suddenly Lisanna was flung back. "Are you her sister? I'd like to see Mirajane's reaction when she sees YOU dead!"

In the end, Erza had to intervene, striking his nerves with her swords and making him unconscious before dumping them all in a pile. They all went to the client and guess what, Lisanna ruined everything, but she got the same amount as everyone. And Natsu nearly gave some of his share to her.

Lucy sighed and rolled over, trying to get some sleep.

Lucy awoke to her noisy alarm, looking somewhat like a zombie. There were dark, worried circles under her eyes and she nearly tripped over herself thrice, banging her arm on her table so many times that she lost count. She also had trouble finding her belt which lay right in front of her on the table where she had tiredly put it the night before.

She went to the guild, her clothing crumpled and eyes sleepy. Her hair, usually perfect, had strands sticking out. She walked in and was greeted by loud cheers and sounds of beer sloshing. There they went. Partying again. She slumped down at the bar.

"Ohayo, Lucy. What would you - Lucy? Is something the matter? You look... Well, not very well," Mira said, concerned.

Lucy smiled weakly. "I'm fine, Mira-san. I'm just tired. May I have a vanilla milkshake please?"

Mira nodded. "Of course. Coming right up."

Mirajane's care and concern made Lucy's heart warm a little. Out of all these people, she was pretty sure the only people who truly cared were Mira, Levy, Wendy, Charle and Erza. She looked around. Team Shadow Gear and Erza were both on missions - Erza choosing to do an S-class mission with top pay. It was supposedly hard but for Erza...

"Ne, Lucyyyyy!" Natsu bounded my way. She hasen't really spoken to him since Lisanna came. Even though she tried her hardest to treat Lisanna like her own sister, she still felt jealousy. Natsu, her 'best friend', had he just used her as a replacement for Lisanna all along?

She blinked. "Natsu?" Why is he talking to me? He's hardly said anything to me ever since Lisanna came back from Edolas.

Natsu grinned. "You see, I really want Lisanna on our team, but... Well... Five is a lot and-"

"You want to kick me out coz I'm the weakest and all along I was a replacement for Lisanna," she muttered the last part bitterly.

Natsu, being a Dragon Slayer, heard. "Don't drag Lis-chan into this!" He warned.

"By the way, Natsu, I KNOW that you haven't gotten Gray or Erza's consent! You're not as stupid as you seem, huh? You wait till they're out on solo missions. And it's Lis-chan now, huh? I DON'T CARE, DRAGNEEL. Go replace me with your girlfriend! As if I care." Tears welling up, Lucy made up my mind. She gave him a hard slap. Ignoring his enraged shouts, she stormed up the stairs into the Master's office. The guild fell silent.

"Master." She looked sadly at him. "I want to leave the guild." She explained everything, and how weak she felt.

Master started crying. "Very well, my child. But please... Please, come back..." She could see he was angry with Natsu.

Lucy smiled, then hugged him tightly. "Arigatou, Master." She stared at her hand, the pink Fairy Tail mark gone. "I'll come back..."

Not telling a soul, she wrote letters and sent them out with Loke's help. Then, she left the guild...

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