Taehyung - University

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There was a buzz in the air today, making the atmosphere at University feel more awake than it normally would at 7am.
You walked through the campus hallways, the hushed whispers becoming more frantic with each step you took. You paid no mind to the gossip of the day, instead of going over the notes for your lecture.

The auditorium was almost empty, the dim lighting matching the mood of the few students who had shown up.
Not wanting any distractions you found a seat away from the others, not noticing the darkly dressed figure a few seats away from you. You set yourself up on the small cramped table and started to watch music videos on YouTube until you the professor arrived.
Usually you would use headphones but the room was all but empty. You turned the volume down slightly and pressed play, the beat of your new favourite song started immediately. It was impossible for you to not attempt singing along, you quietly mumbled through the Korean verses, raising you voice slightly while pointing at the MV to say
"Chong! Jogun! Balsa!"

The figure next to you looked over at you singing to yourself, behind his face mask he smiled and slowly got up from his seat and sat next to you. He sat watching as another video from BTS played in your laptop,
"Do you like them?" He suddenly asked.
Your heart almost came out of your chest as the sound of his voice broke your attention away from the boys on the screen.
"You scared me!" Your heart still pounding
"Sorry" his English was tinged with an accent, his hair almost covering his eyes.
"Sorry, but what are you doing?"
"Ah, I heard a song I know. Do you like them?" He struggled to put the words together but you understood clearly.
"Oh I love them, I listen to a lot of their songs"
His eyes smiled, and somehow you felt like you'd seen him before.
"Have you always been in this class?" The boy shook his head.
"I came only for a few months"
His accent was cute, and you tried to look at him more directly instead of shy glances.
A wave of familiarity washed over you but you didn't know where you knew this boy from. Your casual look turned into a lengthy stare.
"Is there something on my face?"
"Oh no, ou look familiar, but I don't know why"
"I will give you a secret." He said.
He looked around and the leaned in close, his dance only inches away from yours. With one hand he unhooked his mask to reveal his face underneath and smiled that all too revealing boxy smile. For a moment you were stunned, then your eyes began to bulge out of you head. You looked at the BTS video playing and then back to him. You tried to make words come out of your mouth but only ended up opening and closing it silently.
He put his mask back on, laughing at your reaction.
"I surprised you?"
" I wanted to talk to you since I came here. But I can't speak English very well. I didn't know what to say"
"You wanted to talk to me?"
"Yes, thought you were cute, I became your fan but it looks like you were mine first"
Suddenly embarrassed your face became flushed and you tried to Fan yourself.
"Do you want to eat with me?" He looked at you with his beautiful round eyes and all you could do was nod. He slid his hand into yours, pulled you to your feet and led you out.
You ate and talked with him at the restaurant he chose. It was fancier than anywhere you've even been, but still had a casual atmosphere. You and Taehyung talked over the food and drink until late in the evening. He spoke about why he had come overseas for study and you spoke about your dreams.
He listened attentively to your every word, staring through you and into your heart.
A call came through your mobile from your mother, asking where you were. Apologetically you looked up at Taehyung.
"I have to go"
"I will take you"

Arriving at your house Taehyung got out of his hire care and opened the passenger door for you to get out.
"Thankyou" you hesitated walking to the house, wondering if this had only been a dream.
"Will I see y.." you had began to ask but was cut off by the impact of his warm soft lips in yours. You closed your eyes feeling the swell of emotions turbulently swirling around in your chest. There was only the slightest hint of a playful tongue in your mouth. Ending to soon, he leant back looking at you earnestly,
"Ah, I'm sorry. But I've wanted to do that all day"

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