Chapter 2

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I stood outside, aggravated. I've learned that his name is Mr Styles. I understand that I was disturbing the class, but he could still be a little nicer like the other teachers on the first day and pretend like he actually liked his students. He was so cocky as well. I'm not usually quick to judge but he has given me no choice. My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening, and Mr. Styles walking out. He sighed as he stood in front of me with his arms crossed over his chest. Not a single word being said.

I stood there looking at him questionably, was he expecting me to speak first? Was I meant to apologise for what I said about him?

"Well?" He asked raising his eye brows.

"Well what?" I rudely asked. Mind you, I'm not much of a bitchy person, but when I am I do feel a little guilty for doing so, but when they deserve it, I give it them.

"Quit the attitude. You're supposed to apologise." He raised his voice. I felt myself become nervous under his intense glare.

"But... But I don't want to apologise for something I-I'm not sorry for." I said as I stared at my feet, still standing my ground, with just a little fear.

"Really? Maybe you'll change your mind in detention." He spoke. "Now, get back inside." He demanded.

He turned and walked towards the door, when he reached for the door handle he looked down "I can already see I'm going to have trouble with you being in my class." and without another word he walked into the class.

It was now lunch time, Louis and I had walked into the cafeteria and found an empty table as we waited for the rest of our group to join.

"Hey guys!" Ashton yelled, waving from across the large room. He jogged over to us and sat down beside me giving me a kiss on the cheek and a handshake/High five to Louis.

"Wheres the rest?" I asked him.

"Well," Ashton started but distracted himself by grabbing my sandwich and taking a huge bite before continuing. "Calum and Niall's class is like on the other side of the school and Michael, I have no idea. But they'll be here soon." He said taking my drink as well.

Ashton has been my my friend since the start of high school, making him another one of my closest friends. See, Louis and I are like brother and sister, where as Ashton is a dear friend. Louis and I have been inseparable since we were born. Our mothers were best friends since high school themselves, they became even closer as they grew into adults and fell pregnant with us only a month apart. They made me and Louis attend the same day care and primary school, hoping to make a friendship like their own between the two of us, and it worked.

Louis practically lives with me now, ever since my mother died, Louis and his mother have taken me under their wing and helped me carry on, I still live in my house, with my older brother Liam. But Louis usually stays over when ever he wants. It's been hard for me not having my parents around. My father is still alive, as far as I know. He is in the army, he comes home every ten months and then leaves again after a month or two.

"Hey, sorry we're late guys" Niall said as he sat across me. Niall came from Ireland over two years ago and I was chosen to show him around the school, we became good friends. "I'm starving" He announced as he grabbed my sandwich out of my hands just as I was about to take a bite out of it. I threw my hands in the air mockingly, showing I have given up.

"Didn't realise how big this campus was." Calum huffed. Calum and I became friends when he stood up to my bully for me, she never harassed me after that and I was grateful.

"Sorry guys, had to go deal with someone." Michael smugly said as he sat down next to Louis. Michael is actually my cousin, but he and I aren't as close as I am with Lou. I don't think anyone can beat Louis to be honest. We are like the same person. Michael and I have the same friends, don't get me wrong he's family and I love him to death, hell, I love all these boys to death but no body can knock Louis off the top that he shares with my brother Liam.

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