Chapter 10

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A few hours later after being at the treaty line for a while Seth nudged me with his nose and looked up at the sky meaning his shift is basically over and I need to leave.

“Okay” I said while standing up “Talk to you later” I then waved to all three of the boys and jumped back onto Cullen territory and zoomed home at lightning speed of course. I opened the door and immediately saw Emmett glare at me; I just rolled my eyes at him

“Get over it” I hissed at him baring my teeth

“I won’t” He growled

“Knock it off” Rosalie scolded Emmett.

“Where were you?” She asked with a bit of attitude.

“Don’t worry about it” I answered grabbing an apple and taking a bite of it as she scowled and gave me a disgusted face. I went to the couch and sat down next to Jasper he was busy reading a magazine.

“Sup baby sis?” He asked me with a slight laugh

“Nothing just sitting next to my bestest brother ever” I smiled a cheesy smile and he laughed.

“Well that’s nice to know he’s your favorite” Edward said coming into the room. He just smiled at me.

“I’m bored; let’s go play ultimate Frisbee pleaseeeee?”  I begged the two boys.

“Sure” jasper answered right away

“Why not” Edward replied.

“Anyone else want to come to play ultimate Frisbee?” I asked and everyone muttered no. I shrugged my shoulders and walked out with Eddy and Jasp. Jasper grabbed the Frisbee as Edward and I raced ahead to the clearing on our side of the forest. Shortly after, Jasper appeared next to Edward.

“Full game? Or just throwing the Frisbee around?” Jasper asked.

“Just throw it around. What do you guys want?” I asked them

“Throw it around”

“Me too” Jasper agreed. We all stood apart a good distance from one another and threw the Frisbee to one another

“So Lace” Edward started

“Huh?” I asked while catching the Frisbee and throwing it to Jasper. He jumped a couple of feet in the air and caught it with his left hand.

“How was your night? Was crossing the treaty line really worth it” Edward asked with his eyebrows raised. I caught the Frisbee that Edward just threw and said nothing.


“What you want me to say, Edward? I crossed the treaty line it was only Jake, Seth, Embry and I. Nothing was going to happen to me. We were directly on the cliffs where the treaty line if anything would’ve gone wrong I could’ve jumped back home okay”

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