Chapter 9

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Seth’s POV

I was lying down in my room on my bed just facing the ceiling and throwing a ball up against it. Just thinking about Lacey. That’s when I heard my door open.

“Stop throwing that ball Seth it’s annoying!” Leah yelled at me. Ohh boy here we go again with her attitude. Ever since Sam broke up with her and imprinted on Emily she’s been like this. I mean I get that she’s hurt, but she doesn’t need to take it out on everyone she meets.

“Fine, I’m sorry” I mumble. Everyone literally walked on egg shells around her afraid she blow up. That’s when someone knocked on the door. Leah turned around and started to walk downstairs and I got up from my bed and followed her. She opened up the door and Jake appeared at our doorway.

“Seth, can I talk to you; in private?” He asked and I nodded. I turned to Leah.

“Whatever” She mumbled and walked away. I walked outside closing the door behind me.

“So what’s up?” I asked him as we started walking down my driveway to make sure nobody *cough cough* Leah heard our conversation.

“Well, I asked my dad about the imprinting on Lacey and he said he’s never heard of it. He’s going to look more into it, but he’s never heard of that. Imprints are supposed to be” Jake explained

“Keyword being supposed to Jake” I replied. He nods his head

“I know are you going to tell Sam?” He asked and I scoffed.

“Yeah right, he’d kill me and then her, literally” I spoke out.

“How are you guys going to see each other?” He asked

I sighed. “I really don’t know” I admitted.

“Well, I can help you. I know Quil and Embry will be willing to help, not sure about Jared and definitely not Paul and of course Brady and Colin can’t know” Jake said while rolling his eyes.

I chuckled a bit. “Go ahead and tell Quil and Embry because this has gotten very complicated very fast” I tell him.

“I know. Well we’ve got shift tonight. Remember?” He reminds me.

“Yeah, c’mon lets go” I told him and we run off into the woods together, we undress and tied our clothes to our ankles and shifted. Leaving our clothes on the ground. We run off and go to the treaty line. Nobody else was on shift except us two, which was good we could talk freely about the imprint.



Do you think I’m stupid?

No, why would you ask that?

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