oshawott x emolga love story

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Oshawott X Emolga love story ( my first story everyone!!!! i love this couple so i hope you enjoy it!! XD )

Its a quiet day in the unova region pidove flying minccino running around...

iris: ugh.... hey ash.. I feel like we have been walking forever.. (stomach rumbles) and im getting hungry..

Axew: axew! ax! (me too..)

ash: er... guess your right (stomach rumbles)

iris: see! your hungry too!

cilan: ill make us some dinner

ash: great! Alright guys come on out!! ( ash releases oshawott tegip snivy unfezant leavanny scraggy boldor krokorock palpitoad and pikachu jumps off his shoulder)

iris: you guys too!! (iris releases emolga excadrill and axew jumps off her shoulder)

cilan: you guys have fun also! ( clian sents out pansage crustal and stunfish)

(ash and iris wait for dinner by a near by tree and talk while cilan cooks)

Oshawott: (goes by a near by pound) this looks perfect

to rest!

emolga: (walks to the pound and drinks) refreshing! (she sees oshawott swiming) hmmm... i wonder why hes so interested in me... but am i interested in him? (she thinks to herself)

snivy : maybe you are!

emolga: stalker!

snivy: well... im just telling ya..to tell you the truth well (blushes)

emolga: what!

snivy: okay fine i...i... like him okay!!emolga: wait..... YOU LIKE OSHAWOTT!!!!

snivy: shhhh!!!!!!! ...

emolga: sorry... its just that it doesnt seem like you do

snivy: well i do t-thats why i think of you as a rival!

emolga: really? i thought it was just cause of me using my attract on everyone?

snivy: nope! (blushes)

emolga: well..... to tell ya the truth i..i..like him too (turns red)

snivy: WHAT!!!! everytime he flirts with you fly away or ignore him

emolga: cause im embarrass i get to shy and make those faces..

snivy: ohhh.

oshawott: (comes out of the pond) ohh.. hey snivy and sexy girl! (winks at emolga)

emolga: (turns red) oshawott... can i talk to you please!

oshawott: of course cutie!

snivy: errr..

emolga: ( pulls oshawott and climbs up the tree with him sitting on a long branch wile the sun is almost setting) i... i.. ummm..

oshawott: (looks at her smiling) what is it?

emolga: ummmm...uh...you know h-how you flirt with me... b-but i ignore you

oshawott: yeah...

emolga: well the only reason why i turn away is because i....i... really do...like you

oshawott: (blushes) r-really?

emolga: yes.... im sorry for that was me being shy.. a-nn..

( - emolga gets cut off by oshawott kissing her lips softly-)