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The Man Above Saved Me

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I'm scared left with nothing to say

I've thought about this every day

It's the pain I hold in that keeps me silent

I just wish my thoughts weren't so violent

I've cut to try to keep me from getting to this point

But me in this life im such a disappoint

So scared to live another day

The screaming and fighting won't go away

Why would I want to stay where all I want to do is hide

Maybe it would be better if I just died

I don't want to get hit or feel pain anymore

All that's left is tears to pour

My clothes have holes as so does my heart

In this world I don't feel apart

It's so cold I can see my breath

Just another breath closer to death

I wish to tell my family how I love them so

But I'm just in the dark as another shadow

Maybe one day they will open there eyes

And possibly apologize

But by then it will be to late

Because another day to a year I can not wait

So as I tie the rope into a knot

I make sure if I want to do this or not

I slide a chair to where I can now reach

And say to myself a little speech

I love you,you tried but knows its time

If your wanting to end the rest of your lifetime

I slide it tightly around my neck

If I want to change my mind I got one more sec

But if I changed my mind

I'd steal be left behind

Because I'm not loved by anyone

just hated by everyone

So as I take my last breath to hold in

I step off the chair and choking I begin

Till Hands holding me I see in a form of a light

My heart starts beating I feel love not fright

Im in a room where a IV is attached

And in one hand where my mothers hands are latched

I thought it was all a dream

Yet I remember that bright beam

And a man saying you must stay here your family's in need

In your life you will succeed

They love you and that will start to show

They have to get thought rough

times though

The mans voice showed me love

That when I realized I was saved by the man himself I was saved my the man above

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