Yesterdays Past

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    I think it was only yesterday we were children, with little toy swords, and fake little fights... only I'm not so sure it was only yesterday anymore. The days have blurred harshly together, long and gruesome they have stretched, since yesterday ended. Our wooden swords have been replaced with bloodied, battle worn blades since yesterday. The fake little  fights exchanged between us that used to cause such laughter, are no more. They feel real now. I realize they are real now.
  The mud we splattered when we fell has new been replaced by blood. I can't remember the last time I slept without the ringing of battle cries and fading screams echoing in my ears anymore. It can't have only been yesterday we were children. Could it?
  Can we go back to yesterdays past when you and I only pretended to be enemies waging eternal war ? Pretending seems much less cruel than reality nowadays. In our pretend duels you would always stand back up when I had won the match. Please. Please, old friend, I'm still waiting for you to stand back up. Stand up again, like yesterday, like the yesterdays we left behind. I'm waiting. I'm still waiting.
   Many yesterdays have past now old friend, many. I'm still waiting for you to stand back up. You have to stand back up. My wooden sword never cut you down before. Why don't you stand up now? Does my new sword hurt more when it strikes? The new shine is distracting I suppose, but why has the shine of my sword distracted you for so long old friend? Why haven't you stood up yet? Do you want me to return with my wooden sword once more? Will you stand up then?
   I returned today with my old wooden sword. I brought yours too, old friend, even though it took me too many yesterdays to find. I must have searched for weeks before I found it. It was buried away, tucked beneath our old capes and shields. It's funny, our old shields seemed to have protected us better in yesterday's past. Maybe in our next duel we should use the old ones once again. We can use our old swords too. Would you like that? Would you like if we returned to the old ways? I would. I would like to return to the old yesterdays. You always got back up in the yesterdays. Why won't you just get up now? I wish you would rise. I miss our duels. I miss yesterday. 

The End

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