Faryn's Garden : Life

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Hey this is my first actual publish so feel free to give any critic and of course there will be room for improvement hope you guys enjoy :)

So here is my first chapter and first book I have ever written.

Ok so I finally I came back to edit all the mistakes I made during the time I have been writing.

Intro : Tale of Gods

In the land of Aleria before men roamed the lands there was gods. The legends say that five gods entrusted with the power of the faryn's came together to shape and bring life to Aleria. Tonic gave the the lands the element of earth so that the grass, trees and the land would flourish. Aquos the godess of water gave the lands the water it needed for the rivers to flow and oceans to shimmer.

Arius the godess of wind gave the land the gift of air to ruffle the trees and give flight to birds and oxygen to the lands. Ferno the flame god created the sun to give the lands warmth, light and the beginning of a new day. Lucius the god of vitality, he gave the lands the essence of life.

Peace and serenity filled the lands under the rule of the gods. However the faryns the mystical creatures that roamed the sacred garden became lonely without companions . Lucius decided to create beings that would fulfill the happiness of these creatures by bonding with them forever creating an everlasting link between them. These were known as humans.

The humans became a problem when they had disagreements between each other. They began to solve disputes with violence and Aleria was introduced to the horrible act of war. Death and fathom began spread through the lands. This didn't please their maker.

Lucius was so appalled and disgusted by the actions of his creation he decided that Aleria would have to continue with life no longer. He believed he had the soul right to strip Aleria of all life, human and none human beings would cease to live in a snap of his fingers. However his faryn decided that his companions intentions were absurdly wrong and broke his bond leaving Lucius powerless.

Lucius was far from giving up on his "rational" plan. So he asked the gods to meet with him he explained his predicament and asked for their help. To Luciu's disappointment they disagreed and named his plan deviant and evil. They locked Lucius away in the realm of the gods forever keeping his ill intentions from being executed.

Since then no god has come to the aid of a human. The war continues to wage and the only beings left to aid the humans are the faryns. Over time many lost faith in the gods some even question their existence. Some just wait.

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