Baby Problem?! - Black hat!baby x reader

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"Hey, Flug. Watcha doing?" You said, walking into the lab. You saw Dr Flug, of course, trying out new experiments as usual. 5.0.5 was around the corner, cleaning and sweeping stuff.

You were supposed to be cleaning also, but got tired after. So you decide to take a break without Black hat knowing, because Black hats office was all the way upstairs. So you didn't care anymore.

You asked if 5.0.5 wanted to take a break, but said no. You guessed 5.0.5 likes to clean a lot. Or maybe doesn't want to get caught slacking off like you. But you don't care what black hat does to you when you get in trouble.

Dr Flug looks at you in concern "Aren't you supposed to be cleaning as usual? Black hat will catch you slacking off." You scoffed and carries yourself up on the metal table "I don't care. You already know that, Flug."

Dr Flug chuckles a little "Well...okay then y/n. I'm just trying to help you. And you're supposed to help 5.0.5 clean." "5.0.5 says he's fine cleaning without me." You look at him and smile.

The bear smiles back and continues cleaning. You look back at Flug and his experiment on the table "So...answer my question. What are ya doing." Dr Flug looks at you "Um, the thing I always do in the lab? It's my job to make products for Black hat y/n."

"Hey, you never know if you're doing something else Flug. You could be slacking off too." You did a evil smirk. Dr Flug shakes his head and chuckles "You're funny y/n. But I never slack off. Even when it comes to Black hat."

He adjusts his goggles "And I'm the person who does care. I don't want to get yelled at every time." You stick out your tongue "hehehe, you're a goodie goodie. Be rebellious for once." Dr Flug shakes his head "Nah, no thank you."

Dr Flug takes out a screw driver and attached the screw to the object, while you watching. Kind of satisfied. Suddenly, you guys heard foot steps coming from outside of the lab. Dr Flug shakes a little and you just sat there.

"And here comes black hat." You whispered. A figure stands out the door and stares at you guys "Helloo~" a deep voice echoes. Dr Flug looks away and shakes more, feeling nervous. You keep sitting there like nothing happened.

"I know you're going to yell at me, Black Hat. But I don't care. Just remember that. I can slack off whenever I want." There was silence after you said all of that. And then a girly giggle comes from the shadow figure.

The figure comes out of the dark and into the lab. They giggled more and they took off its mask and hat. It was Demencia all along! Lots of green hair falls out of the hat and her laughing when she took of the mask.

"I'm not the real Black hat! Chill y/n! I can't believe you fell for that though. That was funny, thinking that you thought I was Black hat. Im just dressing like him~!" She giggles and straightened her hair.

"Aren't you supposed to be cleaning too, y/n?" You sighed and scoff "I'm just taking a break." "Did you ask Black hat first?" "Pssh, nah." Demencia chuckles "You're going to get in trouble~" You laugh "Ha! Like I give a shit."

"Anyways, you guys want to hang out outside later--" Demencia was about to say, but a deep demon voice cut her off "Y/n? Demencia? What are you doing?" Demencia walks away from you and looks at Black hat nervously

"U-um--I'm going back to work Black hat~! Um, see ya!" She fast walks out of the lab. Dr Flug doesn't make eye contact with him, trying to focus on the item. 5.0.5 just cleans casually and you were the only one who isn't working.

He looks at you with cold eyes "Y/n? Get back to work." He says sternly. You lean back the metal table and put one hand on your hip "No. I'm taking a break first, Black Hat." "What did you say? I didn't give you permission to take a break, young lady."

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