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You didn't know what the hell was going on.

One minute, you were lying in your bed, trying to fall asleep. The next, you woke up in a chair in some kind of office wearing clothes you didn't own and surrounded by people you had never seen.

"Excuse me, miss?" a middle-aged woman asked you. "Are you alright?"

Well, other than the fact that I have no idea where I am, yes, I feel fine, you thought. But you just nodded and sat up straighter.

"Not sleep well last night?" she asked. "First day jitters?"

You smiled weakly, "Exactly."

"Well, your student guide should be here any minute. I don't know why she's running late."

She went back to her computer, effectively, thankfully, ending the conversation. Both reasonable fear and irrational anxiety flooded through your veins, paralyzing you in your seat. So, you took in your surroundings.

You didn't own what you were wearing, but that was the least of your problems. There was a backpack at your feet and a crossbody purse over your shoulder. Your back was against a window, and you turned around, seeing rows of lockers and huddles of teenagers.

Perfect. Of course you would end up in high school.

You were obviously in the front office, but the school was totally unfamiliar. You were studying the room, trying to find anything, anything, properly familiar, but were interrupted. A dark-skinned girl came in through the office door and headed over the secretary that had been speaking to you.

"I'm so, so sorry I'm late, Mrs. Altman," the girl said. "Is she here?"

"Right over there, dear," the secretary pointed at you. You sat up straighter. The girl turned around to face you and turned on a winning smile. You stood, instinctively picking up the backpack at your feet.

The girl stepped toward you and you realized that, somehow, she was the most familiar thing in the office.

"I'll be showing your around the school." She extended her hand. "I'm Alana Beck."

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