"He won't tell me"

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This part of the story takes place in the Kardashians mansion. In this bit Kanye and Kim are having a conversation in their room.

Kanye's P.O.V:

"Kim..." I suttered. She looked up at me from her phone and smiled. "Yea" she replied. I looked around the room and joined my hands tightly together. I suppose she could tell I seemed a little nervous as she put her hand on my knee and asked "Are you ok? You seem a little worried. Is there something that I need to know? Or something you want to tell me?" Now I was really worried, what was I supposed to tell her? How was I supposed to tell her this absurd idea that I came up with? Don't get me wrong Kim is amazing and all but how is she supposed to be calm and understand when I tell her this. I realised that Kim was still waiting on me to say something. I looked up at her and said "Oh it's nothing...errr I just wanted ask whether you'll be ok if I could go to Dericks house tomorrow and discuss a few plans for the new show that we'll soon be in." Kim looked at me confused, but very soon she smiled once again. "Sure" she replied. Then Khloe walked in and asked whether Kim could help her with one of her dresses. Then they walked off.

Kim's P.O.V:

I'm starting to worry about Kanye now. He seems to be holding something back and I just can't figure out what it is. I walked over with Khloe to her closet and started looking at some of her shoe. I could tell she was looking at me. Then suddenly she broke the silence. "Hey? Is everything between you and Kanye ok? I mean, I don't mean to be nosey or anything but I can kind of tell something is up? I looked up at her and gave her a weak smile. What was I supposed to tell her? Was I supposed to tell her everything that I think is going on and make a huge deal about it? Or should I just stay quiet and pretend like we're okay? I figured that it's best to tell her the truth after all she is my sister. I looked up and realised that she was still waiting on an answer. "Um...well.." I began. The suddenly she walked over to the far side of the closet. I was so confused. Didn't she just ask me to tell her what was going on? Was she annoyed at me or something? Then after a few seconds she came back with two small stools which she kept on the side of her table in her closet. She placed one behind me and one next to her so that they were around a metre apart. I sat down getting the idea pretty quickly. Then when we sat down she gestured me to carry on. "Well I think Kanye is hiding something from me" I continued. "I bet there is something going on but he won't tell me?" Khloe stayed quiet for at least ten seconds before starting to speak. "Well if you ask me he's probably planning a surprise for you or doing something special" she smiled "I mean, if it was really that important I think he would definitely tell you." she continued. I looked down at my shoes and smiled. "Thank Khloe" I said as we began getting up. "Anyways," she carried on "Are you gonna help me with this dress or what?" She joked. I laughed and started to zip her black sparky dress. Then soon we were walking out her closet laughing and joking around. I felt so much better now.

Authors Note~ Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far x

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