Chapter Three: Meetings

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Super short chapter. I'll update again today, most likely.


The house was big. Grand. Huge. Whatever else you want to say. It was about three stories high and massive across. She gulped, completely and totally intimidated by this.

" Welcome to pack." The cowboy (Whose name was really Charles.) greeted her.

A man came out of the mansion. He was only a little taller than her, he had blue eyes and muddy brown hair. He wasn't physically intimidating, but there was a sense of danger that surrounded him. He smiled a seemly warm smile.

" This is Fiona?" He asked Charles.

A woman followed him. She was much more stare worthy than the first man with striking red hair in long curls and bright green eyes. The woman was taller than James and had the same sense of danger James had.

The man didn't even glance at her, he turned to me, " Welcome. I'm James, the Alpha Male, and this is my mate Katherine."

" Hello child. Alpha Female. Pleased to meet you," Katherine greeted me smiling the same smile James wore. But there was something in the way Katherine had said "Alpha Female" that made her need to obey the Alpha Female more than the Male.

" I'll show you your room." Charles announced

" No," Katherine ordered, " Have Matt do it. He's not doing anything."

A look of anger flashed through James's eyes, but made no other order when Charles looked at him.

" Someone called me?" A voice came from inside the house, but was soon right next to our huddle outside the house.

" Show Fiona to her room," Katherine ordered him, then started walking away, but added, " I have something to take care of."

Fiona didn't know where Katherine went at that moment, her attention was entirely focused on Matt, She had thought Charles was hot, which he was, but Matt...He was obviously related to James, he had the same blue eyes and facial structure. He was as tall as James but he looked more boyish. He was younger than Charles too, he looked like he was in high school.

Also, the coloring was off, his skin was lighter and his hair was blonde. Fiona didn't see a trace of Katherine in him.

" Name's Matt. You're Fiona?" He asked her.

" The one and only." Fiona responded dreamily. She wanted him, her wolf side and her human side.

'He's taken,' Katherine's voice sounded in her head.

Her wolf side growled fiercely in her head at that.

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